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The Redbourne Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre launches in Plettenberg Bay

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An interior image of the newly opened The Redbourne addiction treatment and recovery centre in Plettenberg Bay


  • The new centre offers ground-breaking addiction and rehabilitation treatment
  • Prioritising in-patient care as well as long-term post- recovery support
  • First centre licensed to use the Petrichor Recovery Programme

The Redbourne Addiction Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre opens its doors to referred patients from 1 August. Located in tranquil surroundings in the coastal town of Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, The Redbourne is changing the way that addiction and rehabilitation is managed, for the benefit of patients suffering substance and behavioural addictions. The centre offers the full range of medical and therapeutic treatments, ensuring that recovery continues long after inpatient treatment has come to an end.

The Redbourne is the first centre in the country to be licensed to use the ground-breaking Petrichor Recovery Programme, which offers four years of continued and integrated treatment from medial and therapeutic professionals, even after patients return to their home environment.

Dr Jade Furness, The Redbourne’s Chief Executive Officer, explains why this is important: “In our experience, we found that support typically ends when the patient leaves the inpatient centre. We believe that more can be done to bolster a patient’s chances of sustainable recovery by creating a structure of care for, and continuously following up and monitoring the progess of a patient after they have left.

“A lack of support for patients post the inpatient phase has resulted in a deficit of reliable information regarding relapse rates. Without knowing whether a patient has relapsed, it is not possible to ensure their recovery can be sustained in the long term. While inpatient treatment is a starting point, the patient’s real journey to recovery starts when they are back home in their normal environment. This is often when they need help the most.”

The Redbourne has capacity for 24 patients, whose needs are fully catered for around the clock at the centre.

Admission is strictly by referral, explains Dr Furness: “We require patients to be referred by a medical professional such as a psychiatrist, doctor or psychologist. Having a medically motivated referral enables patients to claim for treatment from their medical aid more easily. That referral also influences the individual patient’s path to recovery in a more directed way.”

The Redbourne primarily treats addictions to substances such as alcohol, drugs and opioids.

Originally a tourism lodge, The Redbourne’s accommodation has been refurbished to prioritise patient care and recovery in tranquil and attractive surroundings.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 079 423 5931.

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The Redbourne is a world-class addiction recovery and rehabilitation centre located in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. It aspires to fundamentally transform substance addiction treatment and recovery. We seek to pave the pathway towards a healthy physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state for each patient, and have designed our services to meet these outcomes. The Redbourne offers a range of medical, psychiatric, psychological and addiction counselling treatments to stimulate recovery from substance and behavioural addictions.

WEBSITE: www.theredbourne.co.za
FACEBOOK: @theredbourne
INSTAGRAM: @theredbourne
LINKEDIN: The Redbourne

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