20 July 2021

Looking At A Career As An Exercise Specialist Or A Sports Conditioning Trainer?

Submitted by Lisl Whytock

Developments in sports and exercise research are constantly revealing new ways to maximise human performance and fitness for better health. A Sports Conditioning Trainer or Exercise Specialist will ensure that the people whom they train always perform optimally.

As an Exercise Specialist or Sports Conditioner Trainer, you will require an interest in keeping fit and healthy and have a passion for helping your clients succeed in their fitness goals. These two careers are very similar, and you will study the same degree course in exercise science, but which path your choose is very much dependent on your passion and interests.

Sports Conditioning Trainer

As a Sports Conditioning Trainer, you will get to work with elite aspiring athletes through one-on-one sessions and drilling as a group. You will learn to work intelligently, both on and off the field. You will have to develop interval programmes that allow your athlete to peak at critical times in the season. You will also need to learn to be creative in creating plans for different types of athletes, constantly reviewing what may be working or require tweaking.

Exercise Specialist

Being an Exercise Specialist allows you to work with a very diverse market of clients. You will be able to work with people at all stages of life. You might be helping young children to develop and grow through physical exercise. You may also work with pregnant women and learn how to make sure they remain strong and fit throughout their pregnancy. You may also work with older adults, offering safe and effective techniques to keep them strong and healthy into old age.

Whichever path you choose, your passion and the drive to be at the top of your game should inspire you to be the best you can.

The Bachelor of Exercise in Sport and Leisure from ETA College provides the depth of theory and application practice for anyone interested in either one of these positions. It also allows you to work in these additional positions:

  • Fitness Programme Manager
  • Leisure Manager
  • Sports Programme Manager

Although the core discipline of the degree is Exercise Science (also known as Sports Science), the course also offers modules in business management and psycho-social studies to ensure a well-rounded professional.

By integrating these knowledge fields, graduates can be assured of designing, managing, and implementing scientifically-based programmes for a range of participants within a range of sport, fitness or leisure business environments.

The programme provides the foundational knowledge required to work in the fitness industry at a professional level. The course also equips students to successfully attain a sound scientific knowledge base in exercise science and wellness and practical skills and appropriate attitudes and values to enhance health, optimise well-being and performance of individuals and communities.

In addition to the exercise science element, the psycho-social and management subject streams that have been added further enhance your employability at the end of the degree. After completing this programme, graduates will have the confidence to:

  • Apply current science and wellness models to sport and leisure programmes
  • Conduct screening, assessment, testing and exercise prescription
  • Design and implement programmes for individual’s, communities or organisations
  • Manage business environments in sport and leisure
  • Apply relevant psycho-social knowledge and skills to leadership and management.

This is an NQF level 7 Learning programme accredited by the Council on Higher Education (CHE). The qualification it achieves is registered on the Higher Education Qualifications Sub Framework.

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