08 June 2021

TherapyNow Online Counselling in South Africa (COVID-19)

Submitted by Doug

TherapyNow brings accessible, affordable, discreet therapy to anyone located anywhere - online. Traditionally, individual therapy is expensive, requires time and is not accessible to everyone.

TherapyNow online counselling provides a variety of professional mental health services via any internet connection. We make it easy to get help when you need it most -  so that anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can receive assistance anytime, anywhere and at an affordable rate.

TherapyNow's skilled and experienced Therapists have an integrated approach, using a variety of tools, services and evidence-based therapies that are designed specifically to support your personal growth journey as an individual.

At TherapyNow, we are passionate and compassionate professionals who care about your well-being. We're driven by the mission of helping more people to live a better life every day - even after just one session from us.

What is the difference between in-person and online therapy?

In terms of therapeutic benefit - none at all.

Online therapy has the benefit of being more affordable, flexible with scheduling, and accessible to those who live far away. Therapists are able to use chat services or video apps and conferencing websites extremely effectively with anyone located anywhere. Online therapy is more discreet and completely confidential.

A study done by Radcliffe found that both methods were equally effective at treating anxiety disorders and there were no significant differences when it came to depression symptoms or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

The most important aspect of either type of treatment will be how many sessions you attend and how much you invest in the process. This may be because research revealed that as an indicator of whether patients felt satisfied with their therapeutic experience afterwards.

What does Counselling help with?

Counselling is a process that helps clients safely address various feelings and issues, ranging from their low self-worth, anxiety and depression to relationships, trauma and substance misuse recovery.

When you're ready to make an appointment with a therapist, there are many ways to connect. Online therapy is done through video calling apps like Google Meet, Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp. Therapists and clients can adjust how appointments are planned and conducted based on their needs, meaning there’s no need to put up with problematic commuting or time out from work or other life obligations.

COVID19 and Remote Online Therapy

The coronavirus (COVID‐19) pandemic has confronted us with an unprecedented global challenge of psychological distress, alongside reduced access to therapeutic services such as the traditional face-to-face format (due to restrictions and self-isolation). This previously unimaginable set of circumstances provides an opportunity for online therapy to fulfil its potential in assisting with mental health needs to anyone located anywhere.

The early studies on the psychological impact of this virus, such as increased stress levels, fear anxiety, strong emotions like posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance use disorders and domestic violence; also have been shown to affect social support from friends or relatives. There is reduced support when people need it most - when they are feeling worried, lonely and afraid and they're not able to see loved ones in person.

TherapyNow online therapy is able to provide support for these deep issues with the help of skilled and experienced professionals. Therapists are trained to make you feel safe and comfortable from the first session and you will have a confidential space to express yourself, gain a new perspective and find a way forward.

Reach out today: https://www.therapynow.co.za/

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