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Taking Sanitisers to the next level with Nano Technology

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With the Second Wave of Covid-19 hitting South Africa fast and hard. Protection against Viral and Bacteria in every day use are becoming more and more important and selecting the right application for Personal Protection is becoming more important. Proper Education and providing a track record of the effectiveness of these products are now pertinent and very important when selecting the correct product and application for your home and workplace.

NannoTEK SA after numerous months of development and Laboratory Studies with their range of Sanitising products using Nano Silver technology as the active Anti Bacterial ingredient. They have been using the last few months to further develop and pioneer their range of Nano Silver based, non alcohol sanitising products. " We have done monthly tests with our Independent SANS Accredited Laboratory and have proof that our products are 99.9999% effective against various pathogens, which not only proves our products are highly effective, but also safe for every day use and applications." says Danny Joubert, founder and CEO of NannoTEK SA.

Since the onset of Covid-19 earlier this year, various International health institutions advised that an alcohol based sanitiser is required to firstly sanitise and disinfect hands and surfaces. However over the months various Countries have warned against the dangers of using these products. with a non regulated manufacturing process various alcohol and ethanol based products made their way to market. Subsequently the FDA warned about alcohol and ethanol based sanitisers causing various side effects. Alcohol and Ethanol sanitisers quickly evaporate leaving a toxic residue to the hands. 

"What most people tend to forget is that your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it absorbs moisture and other products added to it" says Joubert " We have had instances in South Africa where a young man working in a pharmacy was using huge amounts of alcohol based sanitiser on his hands daily, and was eventually diagnosed with Kidney and Liver Failure, this was due to too much exposure to harmful methanol alcohol. Children and Pets are also exposed to these toxins and numerous DIY sanitisers made out of Methylated Spirits base had also found their way to Retailers and businesses using these for clients entering their stores".

Alcohol or Non alcohol Sanitisers? Which is more effective and safe for use?

Alcohol-based hand sanitiser kills many types of viruses by dissolving their fat membranes. It kills bacteria by disrupting its cell membrane. Most of these hand sanitisers contain a combination of isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and ethanol. The percentage of alcohol present in hand sanitiser is key to its efficacy – those with less than 60 per cent alcohol will be less effective at killing microorganisms, and will just reduce their growth.

These products are also highly flammable and WHO  has now reviewed their percentage of alcohol from 70% to 60% alcohol volume. You've probably noticed your hands feeling drier and rougher after routinely spritzing and pumping sanitizer of late. This is because of the high alcohol content (an effective sanitizer should have at least 60% ethyl alcohol), which can actually be damaging to your skin. "There have been studies in the past about how hand sanitisers may disrupt your healthy microbiome and actually leave you more vulnerable to some kind of infections," says Joubert. And by breaking down the skin, leaving it cracked and chapped, germs can enter these crevices, making sanitising more of an issue than a reactive measure.


Nano Silver in Sanitisers.

The capacity of Nanosilver (Ag nanoparticles) to destroy infectious micro-organisms makes it one of the most powerful antimicrobial agents, an attractive feature against “super-bugs” resistant to antibiotics. Furthermore, its plasmonic properties facilitate its employment as a biosensor or bioimaging agent.

NannoSAN is a meticulously “fine-tuned” formulation that combines what is maybe the two most powerful natural occurring biocidal agents known to man. The introduction of ‘intelligent’ anti-bacterial nano-particles into an already very potent sanitiser, Hypochorus Acid, gives us NannoSAN; a completely natural and safe, albeit very potent sanitiser and disinfectant that delivers a formidable double punch to disease causing organisms. Hypochlorous acid solution which is one of the oldest and most effective biocides known to man. The chemical structure is HOCI. It is produced by white blood cells In the human immune system to kill invasive pathogens and fight infections. HOCI is proven to be 80-100 times more effective than other sanitisers with proven abilities to destroy bacteria and viruses. That is why we decided to combine both the Hypochorous Acid as a base and then added Nano Silver particles for extra protection which form a protective barrier on the surface, continuously killing pathogens on that surface.

Advanced nanotechnology makes NannoSAN is a benign broad-spectrum sanitiser and disinfectant for the eradication of viruses, spores, bacteria, mycobacteria, and fungi with longer lasting effects. Not only does it eradicate disease causing organisms in seconds, but it prevents re-contamination of treated surfaces for many hours, even weeks. Whether applied as hand or skin sanitiser, a surface disinfectant or as a disinfecting mist or fogging agent,  effectively aids to prevent re-contamination of disinfected areas by targeting the very nature of pathogenic life cycles on treated surfaces, without any danger or harm to humans. With Fogging especially, our product forms a protective Nano Silver Matrix on surfaces which ensures all pathogens are killed on contact.

NannoSAN hydrates and protects your skin, while providing a highly effective, longer lasting, completely biodegradable, nontoxic, and safe sanitizing solution. It is especially safe for use on human skin - Even for children and babies. Unique Product Properties , usually ‘Two is Better than One’ and for good reason, but when two of the bests technologies in the world comes together in harmony, it has the potential to change history. And considering the current worldwide need for a potent but safe disinfectant, this could not have come at a better time. NannoTEK’s  NannoSAN, has a complete absence of anything toxic or harmful. It contains no alcohols, harsh chemicals, nor any undesirable by-products. It contains nothing that can harm the environment whatsoever. The active ingredients is certified as organic and biodegradable.

"Controlled Laboratory Tests have been done over a 90 day period, where we have applied our NannoSAN to a plain Melamine Surface. We are now at 90 days and our product is still highly effective at a kill rate of 99.999% of various known Pathogens and Bacteria. We have also comprehensively worked with German Universities, where studies have been conducted on Nano Silver and it's Anti Viral and Anti Bacterial properties. Our products are also SANS and NRCS Approved, which is very important when chosing a product.

University Studies have also determined that our Nano silver Complex is non-cytotoxic, which means it doesn't poison or contaminate any human or animal cells." says Danny Joubert. " The future of our products is absolutely exciting and our applications we will be launching in 2021 will ensure that Nano Silver is used in various applications and products ensuring daily life becomes safer in these challenging times.

We will be rolling out our extensive range of products through various Industry specific Distributors on a National and International Basis. The NannoTEK range of products include Anti Bacterial Permanent Coatings as well as our revolutionary new range of Anti Bacterial range of paints, just to mention a few. Our aim is to make a comprehensive range of products available to every household and business which will eliminate the use of harmful and dangerous chemicals in our close environments.



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