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Monday, 17 February 2020 12:11

GoPack releases Anti Hangover product that tastes like pancakes

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The Anti Hangover

GoPack has released The Anti Hangover that works to prevent and recover from an hangover. If taken while drinking, the Anti Hangover can prevent a hangover by keeping your body hydrated and by helping your liver process the alcohol. If one already has a hangover, the Anti Hangover can help raise your blood sugar, ease a headache and help nausea. The Anti Hangover utilises Easysnap packaging that is business card sized, tough and extremely simple to use. The product naturally tastes like cinnamon pancakes due to it’s blend of ingredients, no added flavouring is used. The products can be taken directly without the need to drink water or swallow tablets. The  suggested retail price is R20.

The ingredients include honey, cinnamon, ginger, lemon and taurine which all work quickly and effectively to prevent the most common symptoms of an hangover. In a departure from most hangover remedies that try to absorb alcohol out of the body, The Anti Hangover prevents dehydration and promotes liver function by removing fatty build up that occurs in the liver from alcohol digestion.

Matthew Kent, co-founder of GoPack said “We believe it’s time people realised that natural products can be as effective as pharmaceuticals, without side effects. We also love the packaging which was developed in South Africa in a world first, nearly as much as we love our martinis after work.”The Anti Hangover is available on and in many Tops at Spar and pharmacies. A complete list of stockists is available at

About GoPack
GoPack was founded by two brothers, Matthew and Blake Kent with over 3 decades of experience in the natural health industry. The company manufactures products that are natural, convenient, pleasant tasting and are effective. The company is based in Cape Town and all products are developed in house, with scientific studies backing the design of the products.###

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GoPack produces single shot fixes for hangovers, anxiety and fatigue. The Anti Hangover tastes like pancakes and can prevent hangovers. The Zen Master works in a few minutes to relieve anxiety and stress. The Power Up tastes like chocolate and gives long lasting energy.

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