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Monday, 18 November 2019 06:54

Omnisurge is a top supplier, distributor and wholesaler of Protection and Safety Wear

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Omnisurge supply all industries with disposable gloves, protective wear, first aid kits and various medical disposables.

Keep yourself and your clothes protected while you work. Omnisurge offers a wide variety of protective wear to fulfil all of your personal protection needs while on the job. Choose from an extensive line of Safety Wear including disposable overalls, reflective wear, safety vests, and rain wear. Protective clothing is an integral part of any safety plan and should be given due importance. Properly deployed and implemented in your workforce, these items will prevent accidents and keep your workforce safe.

Omnisurge is driven to supply ALL INDUSTRIES with all the essentials

The Omnisurge family of disposable protective wear products provides safety work wear options that help protect at-risk workers from harmful dust, fluids, sprays, radioactive particles and biological contaminants.

Our range is stocked with hygiene and protection in mind, minimising clean up or contamination. They are sold in bulk packs at wholesale prices, designed for single use only. Fashioned from high quality polyethylene, our lab coats, aprons, patient gowns and overalls are fluid-repellent for maximum contamination prevention, as well as static-repellent for comfort.

From hair nets to beard covers, overalls to aprons, patient gowns to aprons, and dust masks to overshoes, Omnisurge stock and supply the most affordable range of bulk disposable safety wear.

Wholesale Protective Wear

No matter what the job requires, equipping your employees with high quality protective clothing is a must. Protective apparel should be both comfortable and functional while providing the necessary level of safety. Omnisurge offers a full line of protective clothing such as vests which improve visibility, proper eye protection to prevent eye injuries, overalls that prevent contamination, footwear to keep one's feet safe, hearing protection to prevent hearing loss and may cause other harmful health effects, sleeves for cut and flame protection, rainwear and coats to keep you secure from the elements, and even aprons that you layer on above your other protective clothing. Each piece of equipment has a specific niche that it fills so be sure to get the right piece of clothing for the job.

Disposable Gloves for Industrial, Medical and Food Services Usage

Disposable safety gloves are some of the most commonly used safety products in the healthcare industry. These gloves are worn to prevent cross-contamination between patients and medical staff. They are also used for general hand protection when handling various sensitive things in a medical setting.

Food service gloves worn by chefs, waiters, and various hospitality personnel are used to prevent cross-contaminating during food preparation and service. Like the medical disposable gloves, food service gloves undergo serious testing before they can hit the market.

Black nitrile and latex gloves are highly favoured in various industries are referred to as industry grade gloves. These gloves are used in all kinds of industries including agriculture, auto, baby care, pet care, beauty, manufacturing, cleaning etc. Black disposable gloves are used in these settings because they hide dirt and various smudges and project a professional outlook on the user.

All our Disposable Gloves conform to ASTM D6319-10 Standards, giving you superior quality insurance on your gloves. All our gloves are rigorously tested during production to ensure this quality reassurance is maintained.

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Omnisurge is a trusted medical equipment supplier to the medical industry, beauty industry, business, and local and state government. Every client is treated with the same personalised approach: we supply medical equipment to meet your every need. Whatever the size of your order you will always get excellent service and the lowest wholesale prices.

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