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Tuesday, 09 April 2019 09:36

Herbalife Nutrition South Africa launches two new Formula 1 flavours as part of a continued roll out of their ‘new-generation’ Formula 1 products

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Formula One Shake Mix - Cafè Latte

Herbalife Nutrition South Africa have launched two new flavours in their flagship Formula 1 Shake Mix range. The new flavours, Formula 1 Café Latte Flavoured and Formula 1 Spiced Apple Flavoured, are part of the brand’s new generation of Formula 1 flavours, first rolled out in November 2018 with the exceptionally popular Banana Cream Flavoured.

This new generation of Formula 1 flavours are made with ingredients that are suitable for vegans, gluten-free, with 24 vitamins and minerals. Formula 1 Café Latte Flavoured Shake Mix will replace Formula 1 Cappuccino Flavoured, does not contain caffeine and is artificial colourant and artificial flavouring free. Formula 1 Spiced Apple Flavoured Shake Mix will replace Formula 1 Toffee Apple Cinnamon and is artificial colourant free.

The Formula 1 Shake Mix is Herbalife Nutrition’s flagship product. It has become synonymous with health-conscious convenience and is an easy way for consumers to add protein, fibre and essential nutrients to their daily diet. Both of the new Formula 1 flavours are available in 550 g canisters, with 21 servings per canister.

When prepared as indicated, Formula 1 Café Latte Flavoured and Formula 1 Spiced Apple Flavoured, contains 17.7 g of protein, 4 g of fibre and 24 vitamins and minerals. Formula 1 Café Latte Flavoured contains 931 kilojoules per serving while Formula 1 Spiced Apple Flavoured contains 943 kilojoules per serving.

Thilo Naidoo, Country Director of Herbalife Nutrition Southern Africa said: “Worldwide, and in South Africa, we’ve seen an extraordinary response to our new generation of Formula 1 flavours. There is a rise in the number of consumers reading labels and paying attention to ingredients, this has placed emphasis on products that have less artificial ingredients. We have used this opportunity to make our Formula 1 Shake even better and expect big things from these two new flavours. We are looking forward to the ongoing roll out of the full range of new generation Formula 1 products.”

Formula 1 is available exclusively through Herbalife Nutrition’s network of Independent Members.

For more information on how to purchase products go to

Herbalife Nutrition can be found online at, on Facebook @HerbalifeSouthAfrica, and on Instagram @herbalifesouthafrica. Follow the hashtag #HerbalifeSA

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