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Tuesday, 16 October 2018 06:35

Dreambody Fitness: You don’t need the perfect body, you just need you

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At Dreambody Fitness there is no such thing as the perfect body. At this fitness studio the ideal shape isn’t one that steps out of the magazines, it’s the one that steps into the gym and into a healthier future.

With leading fitness guru and trainer, Steve Mululu, at the helm, Dreambody Fitness is about building a healthy lifestyle and strong body. Dreambody Fitness is also about people, real lives and realistic goals. The gym has developed a six-week transformation programme designed specifically for beginners. In six weeks, anyone following the programme will see improvements in cardiovascular fitness, strength and energy. If the program works, you get your money back.

“We believe in people and community and relationships,” says Steve Mululu, co-founder of Dreambody Fitness. “We know every one of our members, we spend time with them and we help them to achieve realistic fitness goals. From the moment someone walks in the door they know that they are somewhere that doesn’t judge them by their weight or shape. Here, we welcome people who want to make a change without feeling like they are miles behind everyone else.” This philosophy has paid off.

Dreambody Fitness has garnered a reputation for making people feel welcome and inspired and has expanded from its original location at The Core in Sunninghil to Woodlands in Woodmead. Both gyms have hands-on trainers that help members to do exercises corrently and select the best possible training programmes for their fitness goals. These trainers not only work closely with members but are part of the gym membership cost.

“Every Wednesday I host a Nutrition Workshop where I give in-depth insight into why certain foods are unhealthy and how to identify the right foods to eat,” says Mululu. “I don’t like the lies sold by the fitness industry and nobody should be made to feel that they are less or that they can’t just because they don’t have a certain body type or shape. I want people to really feel that fitness is fun. I want people to feel that they are doing this for themselves and to live a longer, healthier life.” The two gyms – Woodmead and Sunninghill – are small and community-minded.

Every person who walks through the door is made to feel as if they are part of the family. “People join our gym thinking that they are there to get that summer body but they stay because they become part of our family,” concludes Mululu. “Here we don’t believe in investing into your health for a season, we believe in giving you a place where you can feel a difference, every day.”

To find out more about Dreambody Fitness visit or call (011) 234 4700 for the Sunninghill branch and (011) 844 0400 for the Woodlands branch.

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