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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 11:20

Clicks gives back to Amari School as part of its 50th birthday

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Frikkie Loots, Daleen Niemand and Jayden Vorster during the Clicks 50th birthday photoshoot, at Amari School for Mentally Handicapped Children in Welkom.

Clicks store staff and management visited Amari School for the mentally handicapped in Welkom on 7 August and assisted them by donating medical supplies and toiletries.

This forms part of Clicks 50th birthday and is one of 50 charitable causes identified by Clicks staff nationwide as their way of giving back to the community they serve. A total of 34 projects have been earmarked to receive support through donations of much needed toiletries, infrastructure and basic essentials.

A further R1 million worth of reusable sanitary pads will be donated to 16 schools across South Africa to reduce absenteeism in schools. “Seeing the huge need at Amari School is very humbling, but also rewarding,” says Donna Davids, CSI Co-ordinator at Clicks.

"We are happy to assist where we can and have enjoyed engaging with and helping the residents here.” Amari School is a school for disabled children based in Welkom, Free State.

The school is not divided into grades, they have different phases in which the children are divided according to their abilities.

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