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Monday, 19 May 2008 08:49

HolisticTherapy Fact or Farce

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{pp}Following the recent insert from Carte Blanche on meditation in the workplace, many people have contacted me in this regard. We are all living in a stressed society, as a Reiki practitioner many people come to me for exactly this to unwind and destress. So I have made a decison to explain some of these "New Age" techniques in laymens terms, instead of mumbo jubo.

So everyone is talking crystals, Reiki, energy healing, Feng Shui, karma, past lives, and the word “spiritual” has become as famous as the yo –yo.

Now you are reading this and asking yourself did the “spiritual” bus arrive and I missed it? Or is this a fashion trend that will fade like leg-warmers and bell-bottoms?

Well you are not alone. I thought the same when I was first introduced to all of this “stuff”, and ever since I have been determined to demystify this “stuff” so that everyone can get a better understanding of what this new “spiritual awakening “ is all about.

I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and recently-qualified esoteric teacher… don’t run away yet! I, too, work in the corporate jungle, like most of you reading this, and I also have stresses and strains and bills to pay, so what makes me different from you? Absolutely nothing. I first joined a Reiki class 2 years ago - I was stressed to the hilt, and was running around like the Energizer bunny on 8 cups of coffee a day. I wanted to learn how to relax so that I could enjoy my weekends instead of worrying about what still had to be done on Monday, which client was expecting a delivery, and so forth. It was in this class that I learned all the buzz words, and heard about this whole spiritual awakening. I, too, thought it was a load of hooey, until I began to experience and feel the benefits of it.

So I am going to start with the basics, and explain. Your body has an energy field around it - scientists have proven it and some have even taken photos of it. We will not argue with the scientists as they seem to be doing a good job thus far. We will compare this energy field to an electric fence around your property. Its function is to keep you protected and keep intruders out. If you touch the fence you get a shock and move away. Your energy field does the same - it keeps your good energy in, and bad energy out.

However, should we throw a metal object at the fence, chances are it’s going to blow and require maintenance. So when we are constantly pressurised and dealing with customers and office workers, family, children, interest rate hikes and so on, those emotions and stresses are like metal objects hitting your electric fence. At sometime you are going to need some maintenance.

That’s when we get chronic fatigue, colds and flu, headaches, neck pain, back pain - I am sure you are getting the picture. So we call in the maintenance people in, and they replace the broken parts, fix the problem and tell you to give them a call if you require anything else… and the fence is up and running again. On a human level we go to the doctor, he or she diagnoses the problem and prescribes medication or some physiotherapy, and after a few days we are up and running.

However, neither of these people fixed the problem, only the symptoms. The actual problem is the metal objects, not the fence. The fence is working. We need to deal with stresses and pressures of modern life better, so that our energy field does not become damaged all the time, causing us to get ill. No-one can tell us how to deal with stress as each person is different - they can only give you options like play golf, exercise regularly or attend meditation classes.

So now you have alternative therapies (your options) but there are as many to choose from as people are different. These alternative practitioners are not telling you how to deal with stress. What they are doing is helping your physical body (not just your brain) remember how to relax, so that you can heal yourself as you were designed to do. That is why when we get a headache we want to lie down and sleep. When we get a cold, we produce antibodies to fight the cold. We were designed to heal. We have just physically and mentally forgotten.

How does the practitioner do this “energy healing”?, you may be asking. Well, it’s simple… this is what you have been waiting for… this is what some of the “spiritual” people are hiding from you…

THEY DON’T do the healing - you do it yourself! They just facilitate it, by creating an environment conducive to complete relaxation and healing. They help your body and mind to remember how to relax. And during this deep state of relaxation, where there are no stresses, no cell-phones or email, no-one but you and your awareness, you can fully relax and your body begins to heal instantly. And how do they know how to do that? Like everything else, study and practice. Yes, you too can do this - I am sorry if that has ruined the delusion of grandeur, but I did say I was going to demystify things!

And does it work? Oh boy, does it work. When your body and brain remembers how to relax properly and regularly, over time the emotions and stresses that you have today will be no longer. You will cope far better, you will feel better. You will begin to enjoy the sweetness of life, and appreciate things like the beauty of the sunset or sunrise, instead of how much traffic there is on the road on your way home.

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Daryn Wickham
Divine Health &Wellness
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Daryn Wickham is a well known Metaphysical Practitioner and Life Coach in the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town.  His practical and grounded approach to complimentary medicine has earned him great respect within the local Medical Community.  His logical understanding of these modalities and a feel to believe attitude is what has been his trump card.  Numerous complimentary therapies are offered, therefore a complete and holistic approach to wellbeing is offered to every client.

Corporately he is involved in creating motivated employees and employers and offers training and consulting as regards change, motivation, conflict resolution performance acceleration and stress management using complimentary methods and techniques such as Hypnosis.

Due to popular demand he facilitates short courses and workshops for private individuals in various modalities, as well as personal development coaching in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.  These courses are arranged for small groups and individuals this allows the candidates to gain the most from these experiential and life changing

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