16 February 2022

Good news for Cape Town tourism: International visitors on the up

Submitted by Jason Dreyer Dreyer
Good news for Cape Town tourism: International visitors on the up

All signs point to it being a bumper season for the Western Cape tourism market as more and more international visitors are expected to land in Cape Town from February to April.

South Africa’s tourism industry continued to suffer this December; it was reported by Cape Town Air Access that in 2019 (pre-COVID) international return trips totalled nearly 2.6 million, but the following year, this figure declined to 810 811 and in 2021, it declined further to 525 411. The Western Cape Tourism Department reported a 60% drop in visitors at almost all of its top attractions due to the emergence of the Omicron-variant.

It’s not all bad news though. “Despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Western Cape local market has remained resilient this past summer season,” reports Wesgro, the Official Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape. “Many businesses across the province, as well as the Cape Town International Airport’s domestic terminal, having recorded an uptick in local and domestic visitors.”

And, it looks like the waiting will pay off. The Cape Town Air Access team has indicated a better summer season with improved passenger loads until Easter.

With fewer COVID-related restrictions in place and positive tourist activity over the festive season from the domestic market, Wesgro adds that the Western Cape should expect a similar trend to that of the same period last year. Wesgro notes that February and March 2021 saw an uptick in domestic arrivals at Cape Town International Airport as the country was coming out of the second COVID-19 surge while hotel occupancy also increased in 2021; going from 17.3% in January to 23.3% in February and 31.1% in March.

Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company launched the Cape Town Gin & Spirits Emporium in the V&A Waterfront last year celebrating its premium gin range and the vibrant history and creative energy of Cape Town. When the news started to break that South Africa had been placed on the travel red list for a number of countries this past December, it could have sunk the new venture, but the opposite was true.

“With the easing of lockdown regulations and the roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccine, even though international borders were closed, we continued to see increased foot traffic,” says the Cape Town Gin & Spirits Emporium tastings manager and Brand Ambassador for Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company, Jacorine van der Westhuizen.

Visitors were drawn to the Cape Town Gin & Spirits Emporium not just to sample Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company award-winning gin range, but also to enjoy delicious food, live music, and signature cocktails all the while taking in the surrounding views of Table Mountain and the deep blue waters of Table Bay. “We were so thankful to locals who showed their support over the festive season,” comments Van der Westhuizen. “And we're excited to introduce Cape Town Gin to international visitors who will be landing in the Mother City soon.”

Book your tasting now by heading to their website. The Gin room offers bookings for parties with a minimum of six guests per time slot, while The Showroom is ideal for groups smaller than four people.

*No Under 18s*

Be sure to follow Cape Town Gin & Spirits Company on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on all their latest news.

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