18 March 2022

Don’t save the Last Dance for anyone, drink it

Submitted by Jason Dreyer Dreyer
Don’t save the Last Dance for anyone, drink it

With its quirky name, this fresh and easy to mix cocktail, The Last Dance, will soon become one of your favourites when entertaining, or simply looking for an easy and delicious libation to get the weekend started.

A riff on an old prohibition era classic, The Last Word, where quick and easy to mix cocktails were the name of the game, The Last Dance includes fresh mint, a botanical rich gin and a plenty dashes of ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters. We love this cocktail!

Glass: Highball or Tall Glass

Ice: Crushed


6-8 Mint Leaves

15 ml Brown Sugar Syrup

25 ml Honey Syrup

30 ml Fresh Lime Juice

60 ml Gin

10 Dashes ANGOSTURA® aromatic bitters


Give your mint leaves a smack to get them releasing all those essential oils, add them with the Brown Sugar syrup and Honey Syrup to the glass. Add half a glass of crushed ice and give it a churn with a spoon to mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Add your gin of choice, fill the glass with ice, add ten dashes of ANGOSTURA® Aromatic bitters and garnishing with a mint sprig or leaf.

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