29 October 2021

Street Fashion Inspired By Activewear

Submitted by Thembi Sibisi
Street Fashion Inspired By Activewear

Street fashion has always been popular amongst fashion followers since the 90’s. Urban streetwear brand Nautica Competition has incorporated activewear-inspired wearable pieces, making outfits that are great to wear and can be incorporated into every opportunity, from going to the coffee with friends to the business meeting.

One may wonder what makes street style so different from the other fashion styles. It is rooted deep in the soil of youth culture and has already created a great hype in the urban streets. Urban streetwear may change from year to year, but we can see that the trend is here to stay.

Break your boundaries, elevate your athleisure look and embrace the 90’s rebellion by adding some Nautica Competition pieces to your wardrobe.

Shop all the Nautica Competition’s streetwear apparel on the new and improved website Thedrop.co.za.

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