27 June 2019

Six Winter Trends To Keep You Fashionably Hot This Season

Submitted by Sizo Kaise
Six Winter Trends To Keep You Fashionably Hot This Season

Winter has firmly set in and warmer clothes are now the order of the day. But not all winter garments have to be uninspired. Here are D’Oré’ s top six winter trends to keep you warm and trending during this chilly season.

Every superhero needs a capelet: Even by itself, a capelet incarnates a sense of grandiose upon anyone that chooses to wear one. Not only will it keep the cold at bay, but a capelet also accentuates a formidable silhouette. The capelet can be worn with jeans, formal pants, or a dress. Its versatility proves that practicality wear isn’t only limited to cargo pants.

Be bold with your winter accessories: Gloves, scarfs and a beret or knitted cap are the fundamental accessories during winter. Although, just because it’s the go-to for everyone doesn’t mean it has to be the same old same old for everyone. Ditch the dull shades by embracing bold and vivid colours. Think a brightly coloured scarf, paired with either a garnet, navy or fuchsia beret – or what about trying out a knitted cap with mid-length leather gloves; simple but effective. 

Dress in colours that reflect, refract or deflect your mood: One can always play around with more colours in winter, as there are none that are considered ‘seasonal taboo’. However, remember not to go too far with your colour-blocking or monochromatic colouring, it’s very important how you style your colours. Major colours and prints to strut your stuff in include:

Black (all shades)Grey (all shades)Scotch TartanGreen (all shades) Yellow (all shades)Red (all shades) Burgundy and All shades of brown

Prudent pillar pairs: We all have those days when there’s a closet full of clothes, but we absolutely have no idea what to put on. Here are kick starter items that pair well together:

A down coat paired with a long or short winter dress,

skirt or pants. A long trench dress with ankle boots. 

A long sleeve polo neck with formal pants and long trench coat.

A knitted top and cardigan (worn over the shoulders or conventionally) in black & gold paired with warm formal pants.

Twin set cardigan worn with jeans or formal pants or a skirt/dress

A pleated skirt with ankle high boots and a faux fur coat/capelet over the shoulders 

Put your best foot forward: No winter catalogue would ever be complete without stylish boots to match. There are as many boot styles as there are personality types. But the only two options that matter are whether your outfit looks impressive with ankle length or long boots. 

Secure that bag: Handbags and are an extension of your personality; they are both a statement accessory and a utility pack that can hold your entire life. Choose bags that not only compliment your outfit but the sort of day you foresee having, busier days require more pragmatic bags with the converse holding as well.   

If you are still unsure about which looks to go for, come to the D’Oré store and our professional seamstresses will gladly indulge you. We’ll help dress you in the best attire that complements and accentuates your strengths while keeping you warm this winter.