21 November 2021

Personalised Name Necklaces From Me.mi Jewellery

Submitted by Luke Ruiters
Personalised Name Necklaces From Me.mi Jewellery

me.mi jewellery believes that jewellery is far more than adornment, far more than merely decorative.  It is deeply personal, there is a kind of intimacy to wearing jewellery. 

Personalised jewellery is not just about you, choose something meaningful that has sentimental value behind it. It can be a display of affection for a loved one, a symbol of your deepest desires or a reflection of something going on in your life right now.

me.mi jewellery is big on customer collaboration, working together to bring your jewellery story and design alive. 


Personalised Name Necklaces

Expertly Handcrafted Personalised Name Necklaces 

in 9kt  Sterling Silver & Solid Gold.Proudly Crafted in South Africa.

me.mi jewellery offers over 19 different options of name jewellery available to customize and shop online :

Gold Petite Name Necklace 


Adding a name to a piece of jewellery is a wonderful way to personalise a gift.

Signature Name Necklace



Hebrew Name Necklace


Available in solid gold and sterling silver




Multi Name Necklace 



Shop personalised jewellery and more online at www.memijewellery.com all orders are processed within 24 hours! For more information please visit @MemiJewellery on Facebook and @memijewellery on Instagram.