28 April 2021

Mother/ Daughter clinical skin treatments a bonding experience

Submitted by Pearlmar Chauke

It has been more than a year since the first Covid 19 lockdown turned lives upside down and forced families to spend far more time together on a daily basis that they were used to. For many mothers it proved a blessing in disguise as many reported that however stressful it was overseeing schooling and coping with teenage cabin fever, it provided mothers with a golden opportunity to further strengthen their bond with their children.

A key duty of a mothers is to help their daughters feel confident about themselves physically and emotionally, with the two being intertwined.

“Teaching the importance of healthy self-care and how to acquire a positive self-image is a crucial part of it”, says Joha-Nel of Eximia Belle in Erasmusrand, Pretoria.

Van Zyl believes mothers should be closely involved and educating their daughters on how to care for their skin.

“For teenage girls going through puberty and beyond, raising the subject of skin care can be a minefield. But it is the optimum time in any young girl’s life when a good skin-care regime needs to be established and this is when expert advice is most welcome”, she said.

Eximia Belle is a luxurious and highly professional aesthetic skin studio in that is a one stop shop for clinical skin care and offers special treatments to maximise the beauty and health of skin of any age.

A mother daughter skin-care day is a sure-fire way for mothers and daughters to further bridge the generation gap and develop an even stronger bond, building on the closeness they established during lock-down.

“A good skin helps with a young woman’s self-esteem. Teenagers are particularly sensitive about their appearance and it’s important that they get the best advice and treatment, should it be necessary”, she said.

“Everybody’s skin is different, and it is important that young girls learn to take care of their skin. We are able to assess the problems and offer a myriad to treatments that will help them care for their skin wholistically in a way that will benefit them their whole lives”.

“Even, good skins, need to be cared for and maintained, and we can make a huge and rejuvenating difference to older skins too”, says Van Zyl.

Eximia Belle shows their clients to continuously improve their skins, using the latest treatments that work for skins of varying ethnicity. “We have up to date state of the art equipment and our focus is on specialised clinical skin care”, she said.

For a mother and daughter to have special skin treatment day is a great way to bridge the generation gap and to bond the mother/daughter relationship.

So perhaps it is time to tap into the special and ageless ritual of having a luxury skin treatment day together. It is a rite of passage for a teenage girl, to have her first Eximia Belle skin treatment, and at the same time get important advice on how to strive towards have a flawless complexion that she can maintain throughout her life.

To see what Eximia Belle can do for you, check out their website www.eximiabelle.co.za  and call Eximia Belle to make an appointment.

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