28 January 2021

Microneedle technology better than collagen-boosting cream -- study

Submitted by Leap Leap
Microneedle technology better than collagen-boosting cream -- study

Microneedle skincare technology has been shown to be safe and more effective than collagen-promoting face cream in addressing wrinkles, elasticity and hydration, according to research.

New microneedle patches for wrinkles and pimples have also been shown to deliver actives deep into the dermal layers and reduce fine lines and pimples, offering a more effective alternative to face creams and a painless home alternative to invasive procedures.“

This innovative delivery system is a breakthrough in achieving younger looking skin”, said Justine Webb who, with business partner Martin Persson, have brought Vice Reversa microneedle patch technology to South Africa.

Each pair of wrinkle patches contains thousands of microneedles formed from crystallised serum, packed densely on a medical grade hydrocolloid patch. Easily applied at home, the ultra-fine needles painlessly penetrate the epidermis, then self-dissolve to deliver hydrating and firming hyaluronic acid, collagen and peptides deep in the skin.

Pharmacist Giulia Criscuolo said a number of studies have backed the efficacy of microneedling as effective and safe. A Korean study in particular showed the patches’ have the same or better effect than an adenosine cream. 

Designed to fit under the eyes, Vice Reversa winkle patches plump and hydrate from the first application. Used weekly, they progressively reduce the appearance of fine lines from four to six weeks for firmer, younger-looking skin.

“It doesn’t stop there,” said Webb, “the pimple patches help stop spots fast, getting to work from just two hours use”. The powerful purifying and soothing formula of salicylic acid, totarol and green tea extract goes deep in the affected area, helping reduce and reverse spots, even before they emerge, she added.

The technology originates from a world-leading Korean manufacturing process.“We’re delighted to bring this exciting technology to South Africa,” said Persson, from distributers, Stributique. “The patches are easy to apply, safe and painless. It’s a new, effective solution to fine lines and spots -- all without leaving home.”Available online at Dermastore and in-store at Dis-Chem.