01 November 2021

me.mi jewellery is built on family values

Submitted by Luke Ruiters
me.mi jewellery is built on family values


me.mi jewellery

me.mi jewellery is a multifaceted fine jewellery brand specializing in producing a wide range of customizable jewellery from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and charms. 

me.mi jewellery is built on family values.

 me.mi jewellery believes that jewellery is far more than adornment, far more than merely decorative – it is deeply personal. There is a kind of intimacy to wearing jewellery, It is a badge of both personal expression and pride. It draws the eye and tells a story before the wearer has even spoken a word. 

Meet Miranda, she shares her touching personal story behind her me.mi purchase :

“Having recently lost my husband and father of my children, it was important to me to have a special keepsake made to honour his memory and have a part of him with us always. 

These pendants and bracelets, which have my late husband’s fingerprint engraved on them, are so extremely special to us and I could not be more grateful for the amazing service and craftsmanship.

They are absolutely perfect and it brought me so much joy to give these pendants to my children to carry with them every day in remembrance of their beloved father.” Miranda 

The Inscription “Baba” is what the kids called their dad.

Specialist in the production of personalized jewellery infused with your personal stories and dreams.

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