28 October 2019

Launch of new e-commerce website by Rugs Original

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren

With a history that spans some 34 years, the  family owned business, Rugs Original  began its retail  journey with its first store in Cresta Shopping Centre, and now operates across South Africa, supplying both the retail and wholesale markets with quality imported rugs for sale

Part and parcel of recent changes to the structure of the business, is to ensure that Rugs Original propels itself into the digital shopping space, which has grown considerably in the South African market. This has resulted in the creation of a fully integrated website buying platform, affording customers searching for rugs online South Africa to purchase a top quality floor covering from Rugs Original, delivered directly to them.

Further to this, the interior design market was tapped, with a portal being created for this industry, where, once completing a sign up form, login details and preferential pricing is provided, allowing for complete access to ranges and purchases from Rugs Original. The supply chain is serviced via this portal, as an additional business to business function.

The planning of the website takes into consideration the manner in which customers shop online, and ensures that the navigation of the site is simple, but effective, in ensuring customers are not only offered a host of choices, but that the process of finding their dream rug is simple. Rugs for sale categories are compiled by ranges, designs, shapes, areas of use, indoor versus outdoor options, and contemporary versus more classical ranges, and lastly by size.

This, combined with the active social media presence of Rugs Original, on Facebook and Instagram, provides customers with peace of mind when purchasing rugs for sale online. All imagery provides a room setting, a close up of the physical rug, and an even closer 45-degree angle, allowing customers to be shown every angle of their chosen rug, and how the rug would look in their desired space. Further advice is given on the composition of the rug, and its best areas of usage, and those customers who are unsure of their choice, can interact via social media channels, and be provided with the very best recommendations prior to purchase.

2018 saw the introduction and expansion of the Rugs Original brand into the children’s realm, with the addition of Kids Original, which has bought a new dimension to the brand, offering a host of machine washable rugs for baby nurseries, kids and tween bedrooms. Initially offering a small, “tester” range, the success of the Kids Original brand, has seen the offering grow substantially, to include a host of child-friendly décor items.

Rugs Original has retained its retail presence, with nationally based stores, some being of the new concept design, and some larger stores, that also act as clearance outlets.

Whether you’re looking for a simple door mat, Persian rugs for sale, a modern and funky design to be the groundwork canvas for your room, or outdoor rugs to complete your entertainment area, Oriental Rugs , machine woven rugs, machine washable rugs, the Rugs Original collections have something for everyone.