11 November 2021

Introducing the me.mi charm collection

Submitted by Thembi Sibisi
Introducing the me.mi charm collection

me.mi jewellery offers a wide range of customisable and personalised jewellery from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and charms. A proudly South African company manufactured in the heart of Cape Town.

me.mi offers a large selection of charms in different metals that incorporate birthstones and personalised engravings to tell your individual, unique story.  These charms can be added with ease to your necklaces, anklets and bracelets, simply by threading each charm on by yourself, customising the space in between charms and styling the charms on your necklace as you desire  - building and collecting memories to last and to be treasured for a lifetime.

me.mi  has a selection of carriers to choose from, you can select a bracelet, anklet or necklace made from either Sterling Silver, 9k yellow gold, 9k white gold, 9k rose gold or satin cord with adjustable clasp so that you can set it to the size that you want it.

me.mi charms are elegantly designed and styled to help you have symbols of your life story beautifully on display on your wrist or neck. The wide variety of charms available at me.mi makes embracing and showcasing your life story easy. Find the perfect charms for you which capture the moments, memories, and milestones which have helped you grow into the person you are today and embellish your me.mi charm carrier with these stunning mementos of your life.

These charms are completely customizable, me.mi invites you to collaborate and co-create a signature piece to tell your own story.

me.mi also offers a high quality selection of metals and custom engraved charms to add to your collection.

**Black Friday Deals 11 - 14 November 40% off the charm collection.

Shop personalised jewellery and more online at www.memijewellery.com all orders are processed within 24 hours! For more information please visit @MemiJewellery on Facebook and @memijewellery on Instagram. 


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