24 August 2018

Fitness fans - could you be the Last Man Standing?

Submitted by Leago
Fitness fans - could you be the Last Man Standing?

Here’s the ultimate challenge for any athlete: Last Man Standing is an opportunity to compete in a multi stage, multi skilled, multi day event that will test fitness and perseverance to the limit.

The South African born and bred event comprises Beginner, Intermediate, Elite and Masters divisions; and this year’s venue allows the organisers to bring new tests of fitness by including swimming, running, cardio and gymnastics.

The 2018 event will be held on the grandest scale at one of South Africa's premier sporting venues, the prestigious Lost City at Sun City from the 27th - 29th September 2018. This individual power-packed spring event is a part of the broader Last Man Standing International events and includes the team event which has already happened.

“Last Man Standing (LMS) athletes can compete in a division of their choice, scaled to suit their experience, strength and fitness levels. It’s about giving all athletes the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rapidly growing CrossFit community and experience what it feels like to be a professional athlete,” says Robert Walker, Director of Jukwaa Group and co-founder of Last Man Standing.“Our main aim is to provide every athlete with the ultimate challenge.” Think you could rock it?

Walker adds LMS itself is one of the biggest fitness event of its kind in South Africa, with athletes participating in three arenas over a three-day period. “LMS is the premier functional fitness competition for the fitness athlete in Africa, offering all athletes, whether affiliated to a CrossFit or not, a chance to pit their skills across various levels of experience”.

“We’re busting the myth that functional fitness is a men-only thing. Many women are enjoying the competitiveness and healthy lifestyle CrossFit and other organisations offer, and we have seen a growth in the number of women entries at functional fitness events and are encouraging them to participate in events they know they’re ready to compete in.

”Whatever your fitness level, Last Man Standing is going to be an event you don’t want to miss. Family, friends and sports lovers are invited to cheer on the participants, while enjoying the beer garden, food stalls and party atmosphere at the event. “Power up for September – we promise x-treme fun for all,” Walker says.

About Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing (more commonly known as LMS or LMS360) is South Africa's premier functional fitness competition brand that boast community-based participation for every athlete. We are a brand for the community, by the community, to support the community in its endeavours to live a healthier type of lifestyle.Our vision is to create an all-inclusive global family through our various platforms.

We have grown from a single event activation in 2014 into a brand that represents a lifestyle choice. As a brand we generate year-round activity through our live events, global online events and engagement with community partners.

For more info visit: https://www.lms360.net/