07 July 2022

Dangers of parents overdressing children in winter

Submitted by Matimu Define Mabunda

Infants run the risk of skin or heat rashes because they sweat profusely if they are overdressed in winter. As much as parents think babies should always be covered in thick, warm blankets while dressed in countless layers of clothes, this is one of the main reasons little ones suffer from heat rash in winter.

Babies sweat a lot when they’re overdressed, which might lead to a raised body temperature. A heat rash will develop if this continues. At the first sign of heat rash, parents should turn to our Zurubaby products. In fact, our entire range from Baby Hair and Body Wash, followed by the Baby Tissue Oil and body lotion is recommended to treat baby’s heat rash.

For nappy time, use our Zurubaby bum paste which prevents and heals nappy rash or any nappy irritation that’s affecting baby. Our products are specifically made to soothe and protects baby’s skin from any skin breakouts or irritation. Visit www.zurubaby.afrika today.

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