19 January 2022

#CREATENEXT with Converse

Submitted by STYLING CONCEPTS Maisel
#CREATENEXT with Converse

Many students with talents, skills, or pure determination to create a better future for themselves are being held back because of student debt.

Converse is giving students the resources they need by helping them kick their debt so they can get their brilliant initiative, invention, or creation off the ground and change the world!

Spread the word and let students know they can send their #CreateNext applications and stand a chance to win their share of a life-changing R2.5 Million!

Student Application Link: https://www.conversecreatenext.co.za/students-application

For hi-res imagery: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qgspood319trfjx/AAAIEtzEHI3bMS9mkzpUAXMea?dl=0

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