01 February 2022

Cape Union Mart partners with Ozow to simplify payments

Submitted by Bradly Howland Howland
Cape Union Mart partners with Ozow to simplify payments

Over the last few years, the relationship that people have with nature has changed. For many South Africans, who’ve been trapped indoors or avoided social situations, there’s been a renewed interest in outdoor activities and hobbies. More than just for the health benefits, being outdoors has helped people to reconnect with one another.

Whether an intrepid explorer preparing to scale a mountain, or simply wanting to explore the nature in their backyards, Cape Union Mart has continued to provide high-quality outdoor clothing, gear, and gadgets to adventurers of the outdoors since 1933.

Recognising the evolving needs of its customers, the retailer has partnered with payment solutions provider Ozow to make payments even easier during the checkout process – online and now in-store.

The integration of Ozow’s payment solution will mean that customers can either scan a QR code at the point-of-sale or use an SMS payment link sent by the teller to instantly pay for their goods directly from their bank account – without the need to use a card.

“Our partnership with Ozow is so exciting because it lets us continue our journey to becoming a cashless retailer, giving our customers a hassle-free way to pay in-store, so they can enjoy more time in the wild,” says Grant de Waal-Dubla, IT Executive at Cape Union Mart.

Importantly, Thomas Pays, CEO and co-founder of Ozow, says that the partnership hopes to provide a seamless payment process. “Most South Africans have three to five bank accounts on average. So, by connecting directly with the consumer’s bank profile with Ozow, shoppers will be able to choose the account that they want to pay for, without the need to have multiple cards on hand.”

With more than 47 million bank account holders in South Africa, Pays believes simple bank-to-bank payment solutions help to unlock a whole new market of consumers who have been previously left out of the digital economy.

Shoppers will be able to use Ozow at any of the Cape Union Mart group stores (including Old Khaki, Poetry, Keedo, and Tread + Miller).

Ozow believes that payments should be easy. It’s why Ozow provides easy, fast, and secure payment solutions for everyone. From QR codes, point of sale, eCommerce, e-billing, peer-to-peer payments, and everything in between, Ozow has your payment needs covered. With Ozow, you can make and receive payments… from anywhere and at any time. All you need is a bank account and a smart-enabled device. It’s that simple.