03 May 2021

Cakes, Cupcakes, and Macarons for Sale. Go on, Treat Yourself!

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
Cakes, Cupcakes, and Macarons for Sale. Go on, Treat Yourself!

When last did you take a bite of dessert, pause and revel in that instant warm, tasty, good mood feeling? If you can’t remember, that’s criminal in our books! You’d better head over to Oh My Cake!, peruse our extensive range of delicious cupcakes, cakes and macarons, and order a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself - or someone else, if you’re willing to share (we won’t judge if you don’t…).

At Oh My Cake!, your sugary sweet fix is only a few clicks away. Simply head to our online store right from your laptop or smartphone, select your dessert, pay online, and you’ll receive your cakes, cupcakes, macarons, brownies or cookies at your door within just 48 hours. Click click! It’s done. Browse birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, cakes for kids, cakes for baby showers and more, with customizable options too.  Collect from our physical store in Fourways, or have them delivered to you.

Or, need something super last-minute? Forgot your colleague’s birthday? We’ve got you. Visit us at our shop in Cedar Square, Fourways, and choose from over 40 cakes-to-go (cakes for sale) in a range of designs, flavours and sizes, Monday to Sunday. Add some sparklers and a hand-painted message while you wait, and voila! You’ll look anything but last-minute when you stroll back in to the office, awesome cake in hand.

Every Oh My Cake! treat looks like art and tastes like dessert – that’s our promise to you. Our talented team of bakers and decorators are whipping up tasty new treats all week long, to ensure your edible art is as fresh and delicious as it is beautiful and fun.

What makes a good cake great?

 Food forms one of the most memorable parts of any special occasion. Good food brings people together, and great food leaves them with something to talk about after! Our mission is to make sure that no celebration – no matter how big or small – goes without something equal parts whimsical and delicious, to share, to enjoy and to remember. And then are those ordinary days that simply call for a little frosted cupcake or a warm, chocolatey cookie with a cup of tea, just because. We’re here for it! Life itself is a reason for celebration.A great cake is always made with high quality ingredients. A little bit of butter here, a dash of icing sugar there. Delicious chocolate and tasty crunchy crumble. And a touch of artistry and finesse makes the magic happen.

Cupcakes are the ultimate quick treat

Pssst! We’ve got cupcakes for sale every day! Perfectly baked vanilla, chocolate, carrot or red velvet sponge cake, topped with a swirl of frosting and decorated with toppings to suit every taste. A sneaky zest lemon curd centre hidden here, a drizzle of white chocolate there, and you’ve got yourself a decadent, fun-sized treat.

Macarons to indulge your more adventurous side

Macarons are the ideal bite-sized dessert, both sophisticated and tasty. A smooth, luxurious filling is sandwiched between two shells made from high quality almond flour and egg whites whipped to perfection, to create a mouth-watering treat with just a little bit of crunch and a soft, yummy centre. Swoon! Caramel, strawberry, chilli chocolate, gingerbread, birthday cake – we’ve got every flavour you can dream of. Select a range of pretty pastels to complete your dessert table, or grab a classy box sealed with a ribbon, for the perfect corporate gift. Either you love our macarons, or you haven’t tried them yet. Just sayin’.

There’s no such thing as “bad food”

At Oh My Cake!, we believe that every food can be enjoyed in moderation. Our cakes, cupcakes and macarons are not you everyday food – they’re special works of edible art, designed for you to share with your loved ones on equally special occasions. So take good care of yourself, but don’t forget to have a little fun too -  we all need a little relief sometimes. And when that craving just won’t leave you alone, we’ve got you. Oh My Cake! has something for everyone.