09 May 2022

An inspirational story of a local make-up artist

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An inspirational story of a local make-up artist



Johannesburg, May 2022Kryolan's Brand Ambassadors bring their followers an authentic, honest representation of individualisation that is real and relatable and chosen by the very people who love and use makeup products creatively. And while the 2021 Kryolan SA #KryolanColourAddict Brand Ambassadors have recently handed over the reins to new faces for 2022, they continue to move ahead, setting trends and inspiring people with their artful makeup work. 2021 Ambassador Barbie Jackson talks about her journey and how discovering the magic of makeup gave her the ultimate outlet for self-expression.

Where did your love for makeup begin?              

"I was a bit of a late bloomer, and it took me a while to discover who I was. Then, as a teen, I came across the show ‘RuPaul's Drag Race’, which was an epiphany. I was mesmerised by the talent and how comfortable the contestants were with themselves. It gave me the courage and energy to embrace myself and venture into the art of drag as a form of self-expression.

"I began experimenting with drag makeup and fell in love with it. I became a bonafide drag queen and loved to spend hours creating unique looks for myself. However, unlike many people who enjoy drag, I am no performer. Entertaining people and being a showstopper are not where my passion lies. It lies in the magic of makeup and the magnificent transformations I can create with it.

"While delving into the world of drag, I was exposed to so much wisdom and education about gender identity and sexuality. It was a journey of self-discovery, and I embraced the fact that I identify as gender-fluid, lying along the spectrum of gender."

What is your signature makeup look/style?       

"My go-to style is nude light glam without compromising coverage. I went all out in my early days and created extravagant looks but soon realised it was not me. It felt like a mask, and I was proud to embrace who I was and show the world. I respect makeup artists who can transform themselves and do eccentric, intricate and beautiful looks. But I am most confident when I have a natural, light, ‘Insta baddie’ glam."

How has being a Kryolan ambassador impacted your career?    

"Being named a Kryolan ambassador is the highlight of my makeup career and one of my proudest moments. I come from a humble background and worked in retail to make ends meet. But I could never have imagined the world of opportunity out there if Kryolan hadn't given me this golden opportunity. It was the ultimate step in my metamorphosis – and I indeed emerged as a magnificent butterfly."

What has being a Kryolan ambassador meant to you?   

"Kryolan was with me right at the very beginning of my journey, so it holds a special place in my heart. When I first started doing makeup, I had to make do with whatever I could find and raid my mom or sister's limited makeup supply. So, when I finally decided to invest in my makeup skills, the first product I bought was a Kryolan TV paint stick (a drag essential, naturally). "

"It might not seem like a big purchase for anyone, but it was something I had worked extra hard for and I loved using it every time I did makeup. Expanding my collection of products has been incredibly exciting and I love trying out new products like eyeshadows, glitters, and base items. It has been an exciting, uplifting experience. Working with these fantastic products has given me confidence and makes me feel beautiful every time I use them."

"I am so grateful to Cuan Kemp (Head of Makeup, Education, Marketing and Social Media for Kryolan) for always being so patient and recommending the best products for me every single time. You cannot imagine the joy I feel when playing with the products and experimenting with creating different looks. The whole process has been a fantastic time and I have enjoyed every minute. "

"This opportunity has restored my faith in the principle that working hard gets you where you are supposed to be. The industry of influencing can be overwhelming, but Kryolan reignited the joy of content creation for me. "

What does the next step in your journey look like? Where to from here?

"The journey has only just begun. These past few years have been a voyage of discovery for me, as I figured out what I want to be and what I want to stand for. Going forward, I want to improve my skill set and grow my confidence. In addition, I hope to expand and embrace the world of hair and fashion and develop my passion within the industry. "

I want to use my influence on social media and stand as a role model for the younger generation. When I was growing up, it was a completely different world, and I would have loved to have someone out there whom I could relate to and feel encouraged to embrace who I am without any apologies.

Find Barbie on Instagram (@barbiejackson_) and TikTok (barbiejackson_) to follow their journey. Barbie continues to rack up new followers with her creative looks and is set to be an inspiration to generations of admirers.

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