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Get Your Pink On, Snap a Selfie, Save a Life - #CintronSelfie to Donate R10 Per Selfie to PinkDrive

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Get Your Pink On, Snap a Selfie, Save a Life  - #CintronSelfie to Donate R10 Per Selfie to PinkDrive

South Africa, 15th October, 2015 -  International luxury lifestyle beverage brand Cintron has launched its annual global campaign, Selfies for Survivors™ in South Africa, in support of the PinkDrive initiative during Breast Cancer Awareness month.PinkDrive, is a non-profit organization that provides mobile testing facilities and education on breast cancer awareness. The Cintron Selfies for Survivors™ campaign is a prelude to the Cintron Pink Polo event in support of breast cancer awareness treatment, at Val de Vie, which will be held this year on the 7th of November.

“As a lifestyle brand which encourages people to look good, feel great and live a healthy productive lifestyle, we are hoping that the Cintron Selfies for Survivors™ campaign will encourage women to take good care of themselves and get tested regularly for breast cancer,” says Chelsea Brehm, Director of Business Development & Marketing for Cintron World, Inc.“Each selfie uploaded to social networks via Twitter, Facebook & Instagram using #CintronSelfie will be worth more than just a pretty picture,” explains Brehm.

“A donation of R10 per selfie uploaded to social networks will go towards PinkDrive’s mobile testing services.”Cintron’s Chelsea Brehm says, “It’s an incredibly easy mechanic and a simple yet powerful way to get people involved in support for women fighting breast cancer and we are calling on all South Africans to get involved. It’s easy just include a dash of pink (this can be anything from lipstick, a tie or a t-shirt), snap a selfie, upload via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using #CintronSelfie and the PinkDrive will gets the much needed funding to keep their wheels turning.”

Cintron’s Brehm also comments: “Our premium energy drinks are made with natural ingredients and real fruit juice and we wanted our fans and consumers to feel connected with the brand lifestyle, while at the same time being part of a larger more caring community.” “In a selfie-centred culture we thought this platform would resonate with people to be part of a greater cause. What’s not to love about glitz and glamour with a social conscience?” adds Brehm.She says that the work that the PinkDrive does is of vital importance, specifically in communities where clinics and testing facilities are non-existent. “Cintron is committed to working with women’s health charities in its various international markets including South Africa.

” According to Noelene Kotschan, Founder and Director of PinkDrive, the incidence of breast cancer among South African women is increasing at an alarming rate. “In women it is the leading cause of cancer constituting more than 50% of all cancer diagnosis with 1 in 29 South African women being diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime,” she says. “Early detection is key and about 90% of patients survive many years after diagnosis, when breast cancer is detected in the early stages.” She adds: “We are heavily reliant on corporates to literally keep our wheels moving since we receive no government funding.

The money raised from the #CintronSelfie will go towards keeping our three mobile mammography, one educational truck and five educational vehicles on the road, directly impacting communities around our country.”Kotschan says, “Since its launch six years ago PinkDrive has provided more than 8,500 free mammograms, conducted more than 123,000 clinical breast examinations and educated more than 176,000 people on breast health.

UPLOAD YOUR SELFIE:Upload your selfie with a dash of pink to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook using #CintronSelfie and Cintron will donate R10 to PinkDrive for every selfie uploaded (Terms and conditions can be found on the Cintron World Facebook page).

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About Cintron

Headquartered in New York, Cintron World is an international luxury lifestyle beverage brand that encourages people to look good, feel great and live a healthy productive lifestyle. The brand is available globally from the US, to Chile, UK, Poland, Nigeria and South Africa. The Cintron World brands of premium energy drinks are made with natural mineral water, natural sweeteners and real fruit juice and represent an up-scale lifestyle, which values creativity, innovation and being disruptive. It is for this reason that the company strives to build communities around these brand attributes. Cintron World initiatives include: The Cintron Polo Club (a leading international community of like-minded people that enjoy the lifestyle of Cintron), The Cintron Selfies for Survivors™ campaign, (A global network that raises awareness for breast cancer testing, treatment and research) and The Cintron Pink Polo in South Africa (Social event of the year, held annually at Val de Vie to raise money for PinkDrive).


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