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Wednesday, 19 October 2011 12:20

New Fold up Bed Innovation

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The new fold up bed by SNooZA is a space saving bed with multiple functionality and huge appeal. This innovation is a cleverly designed ottoman, or chair at first glance but on closer inspection it has a zip at the bottom. Flip it over and unzip the cover, inside is a z folded mattress ….space-saving that makes it extremely practical. The beauty of this product is that the mattress can be fold up in the day, returning valuable floor space and making the room habitable again.

This is a much better solution than an ugly mattresses lying around and or standing against a wall. Finally an extra bed with other everyday uses – get rid of that dusty old mattress being stored in the garage. The outer covers come in a range of fabrics and colours.

The standard range is denim, faux (fake) leather, faux suede and backed linen and these are available in a variety of colours suitable for any room in the home. SNooZA offer a custom make one with your own fabric or one of your choice. SNooZAs looks great in a bedroom, a TV room, play room almost anywhere, for sleepovers at home, holiday houses, granny’s house – the possibilities are endless. Think of the family get together on holiday’s with the extra bed solution. The inner mattress is covered with a practical dark grey soft fabric which is water repellant.

This cover too has zips and can easily be removed and washed. So keeping a SNooZA clean and hygienic is really easy. When it comes to the foam, the people at SNooZA have spared no expense. They tell us it is supplied by Strandfoam who have been manufacturing foam since 1968. This density of foam delivers a firm mattress which ensures stable spinal support. Because the foam is completely stable once cured, it is also hygienic and allergy free. As a seat or ottoman, the foam is perfect. You won’t sink in, in fact they tell us SNooZA is the chair of choice for many of our pregnant clientele. SNooZAs come in 2 sizes. The smalla SNooZA folds out to a standard length bed but is 63cm wide.

The mattress is 12cm thick. This one is for smaller spaces and smaller children. The wida SNooZA is also a standard length but 75cm in width and the mattress is 14cm thick. The extra width is more practical for larger kids and adults or children that move around a lot in their sleep. They only sell online, and offer a 100% money back guarantee. Judging by the testimonials though, they have a lot of very impressed customers.


Company: Snooza
Telephone: 082 499 0440

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