23 April 2021

5 Best Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
5 Best Tips for Choosing the Perfect Rug

For a living space to feel & look pulled together, most designers will tell you, it needs a rug.

But we all know that when you start looking at rugs for sale you quickly realize that rugs can be expensive. The other thing you might notice is that a large-scale item like that is going to have a big effect on the way any room looks and feels and that choosing the right rug can be an intimidating experience. If you choose the right rug it may live in your home for decades, but should you choose the wrong one, it will  serve as a daily reminder of the money you wasted as well as the money you will have to spend if you want to replace it.

With endless options available from patterns to colours, sizes to textures, getting it wrong is all too easy. How do you know which rug is the right rug for your home?

Despite the obvious choice of either blending your new rug into your current décor or adding the rug as a focal point to the already existing furniture pieces, here are 5 key tips that we recommend you consider, before having your heart set on a particular rug.


The location of your rug is possibly the most defining factor in selecting the perfect rug, as this may well dictate which rugs are even a choice. Will the rug be used indoors or outdoors, although many outdoor rugs may be used indoor, the reverse is not true? All the outdoor rugs available from us are UV treated, and are mildew resistant, which is what allows them to be used outdoors, retaining their intended glamour and effectiveness. Ensure you are fully aware as to where the rug will be placed, as this will determine the rugs in contention for your home.


Is the area in which you intend to place a rug a high or low traffic area? Certain rugs are better suited to high traffic areas, as they are made of tougher materials and have a lower pile height, such as our Sutlan or Mantus ranges. Rugs that are softer, and plusher, such as our Nimbo or Fibra range, tend to be less durable in high traffic areas, due to their high pile height, and overall softer feel underfoot. It is imperative that you consider the placement of the rug, as this will determine the longevity of the rug.

Your lifestyle

Does the rug that you intend to purchase fit into your lifestyle? Although this may seem like an obvious question, it is more about where the rug you desire will be placed. Is this an area where children will play, or where pets will be present, as this will determined whether you choose a rug with a high or low pile? Low pile rugs are easier to clean when placed in areas where it is likely to experience little spills or require spot cleaning and may well determine whether you purchase an expensive rug, such as a Persian or Oriental Rug, or something more affordable, like something from our modern indoor ranges.

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We often have customers enquire with regards to the correct size of a rug for their room, and this is a key factor to consider prior to your purchase. This all depends on where you intend to place your rug. Living room rugs can be large or small, however for a dining room space, the rug should be large enough to cover the full pull-out space of a dining room chair, or you may end up creating a tripping hazard as opposed to a functional rug for the room. Similarly, if you have a small room, we often suggest adding a round rug to create a break in the monotony of the room. When planning a rug purchase, you need to consider the décor of the room, as well as the functionality of the rug.


Perhaps the word that every homemaker loathes but having an idea of your budget for your new rug, will allow you to hone in on which rugs are within this range. By their very nature, Persian rugs attract higher price points, due to their handmade nature, and historic value, whilst more modern, contemporary rugs, have been made for the mass market, and are more affordable. Determine your budget before you begin the process, and you will find that the process will be far smoother. 

Finally, quality should always be uppermost in your mind when it comes to rugs.  Any rug that you choose, you buy with the expectation that it will stay in a great condition for an exceptionally long time. The only way that this can be achieved is if you take the extra effort to seek out the kind of rug that is made from durable materials and able to handle years of use without being overly damaged. Even the most durable fibers will be taking a beating with heavy traffic. Be sure to brush up on the various cleaning and maintenance techniques that you can use to help ensure the long lifespan of your rug.