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Tuesday, 27 October 2009 23:11


{pp}A total of 122 765kg's of mohair was offered on the fifth winter sale of the season and competition was once again fierce amongst the buyers, with little mohair remaining on offer for the rest of the winter season.
According to Deon Saayman, general manager of Mohair SA, sales clearance was 97%. However he cautioned that the effect of the drought on the South African clip is becoming more and more evident as the season is progressing.
As was the case with the previous sale, the offering once again consisted of some good quality mohair. Saayman says that the mohair market continued on it's upward trend, with the overall market indicator gaining 5.4% to close on R73.28.
“The continuing demand for mohair is also reflected in the increasing trend in exports. The current level of the market is more than 12% higher than 2008,” says Saayman. The sixth sale of the winter season is scheduled for 17 November 2009.
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