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Monday, 04 May 2009 16:20

SA Men 1st Birthday

{pp}SA Men, the essential online lifestyle magazine for men in SA celebrated their 1st Birthday on 4 May 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen: It gives me great pleasure to announce SA Men’s 1st birthday. Yes, we are 1 year old and leaping ahead as we continue to become the biggest and best online magazine for South African men.

We have had a very good first year, not without our fair share of snags, but we’ve overcome them and are looking forward to a glorious future as we begin our 2nd exciting year. We could not have done this without three irreplaceable teams; our friends, our families and our clients. Together we’re building a solid foundation of trust and commitment in bringing you the brand that is setting a new standard in men’s lifestyle media.

Finally, we thank our loyal subscribers and readers, the “Fourth Musketeer” in our army of adventurers and mavericks. Here's a toast to all of you - we thank you and salute you! Regards, Les van Dyk

Contact information:
SA MEN online
Managing member
TEL: (011) 475 2942
CELL: 083 460 8581
FAX: 0865903503
"the essential online lifestyle magazine for men"

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