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Pet Flooring Options For Inside And Outside The Home

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Cape Town, July, 02, 2021 - Having been suppliers and installers of almost every type of flooring surface, both inside and outside the home, Libra Flooring in Cape Town is often asked by pet owners what would be the most pet-friendly options for both.

To answer this question, one first needs to look at the flooring options inside the home. The two biggest problems with animals living inside are the scratch marks made on the floors when they play a little too boisterously and 'accidents' when they don't manage to get outside in time or have not yet been house-trained.

Obviously, harder flooring options like tiles or stone would be more suitable, but these are highly uncomfortable for pets and will have them slipping and sliding all over the place. Hard floors are also unsuitable for pet owners who prefer a warmer feel. Alternatively, carpets are warmer but certainly not suited for pet claws or stains - especially after accidents.

Laminated Floors are Fido-Friendly

An excellent option to alleviate both these problems with pets and to create a comfortable surface for them at the same time would be laminate flooring. Although laminate flooring does not scratch easily, it should not be exposed to excessive wear and tear, and pets' nails should be kept short. Laminate flooring is also really easy to clean and maintain - as long as it has been professionally installed.

Artificial Grass for Happy Pets and Owners

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic lawn, is one of the best outdoor surfaces for pets. It presents a nice solid surface comfortable enough for pets to run on and roll around on. Importantly, all the latest artificial grass products contain no harmful chemicals that could affect pets or children.

Benefits of Artificial Grass for Pet Owners

It's much cleaner – Keeping indoor flooring surfaces clean is a bit of a mission when you have pets that are always dragging dirt and mud into the house. With a synthetic lawn, a permeable base quickly disperses any extra rainwater, which quickens the drying process. In addition, a sub-sand layer creates a shield over the mud underneath. With no dirt or mud to be tracked inside, artificial grass helps keep the inside of your home clean too.

No more holes in the lawn - One of the most numerous pet complaints revolve around dogs incessantly digging holes – especially if they become bored. Artificial lawn ensures that this is no longer a problem.

No mess or smells – Cleaning up after your pet is simple on an artificial lawn that does not retain any odour of the pets' mess. Furthermore, the synthetic blades also don't discolour, and there are plenty of drainage holes to accommodate hosing down the mess.

Creating a Balance

Choosing the right flooring to accommodate your pet creates a harmonious environment both inside and outside your home.

Libra Flooring, situated in Montague Gardens Cape Town, has been creating a balance between quality and pricing for all flooring options, installations and maintenance since 1999. It has remained a reliable and consistent flooring provider throughout the Covid pandemic.

For the best advice, service and pricing options in the Western Cape, contact Libra Flooring or visit their showroom to view their wide range of products. They are always available to discuss your flooring queries regarding carpets, rugs, blinds, decking or artificial grass.

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