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What To Look For In A Modelling Agency

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It is not easy for models to promote themselves if they do not have an agent. Modelling agencies have the expertise to market you and the relationships and connections with companies looking for models.

Before choosing a modelling agency, it is crucial to do some research. Many scam agencies will attempt to con you and other less reputable ones that will put your personal safety at risk.

To find a legitimate agency, you should request the agents to provide you with professional references from their clients. You can start by searching for “modelling agency in Cape Town” or your closest city, as an example. Once you find a list of agencies, check their online profiles and online reviews about them.

A reputable modelling agency will help you to build and manage your career. They will help you develop your look, skills and natural talents. They will also help you to prepare proper modelling material for your specific market. They should be able to evaluate your potential, have an in-depth knowledge of the best market for your look, the contacts who would be interested in using your look and skills.

In addition, they should have a booking service. This booking service should have a formal office that can be visited with a manned phone line to take bookings. The booking service should also keep in touch with their clients, update them with head sheets and composites of their talent to advertise their models and be on the lookout for new clients who need to hire a model. A professional booking service will also book time for their models to work, provide directions and ensure that their models show up on time. They should handle all invoicing and payments, as well as any compliments or complaints.

Agencies generally charge anywhere between 15% and 33% for these professional services. Some agencies will work on exclusive contracts, which ties you to one agency only, so you need to be sure that they will find regular work for you. They will get commission on the work you do – whether you find it yourself or through them. Other agencies use a non-exclusive contract which only entitles them to earn commission on your work if they find the work for you. If you find your own work, then you do not need to pay them anything. This also allows you to work for more than one agency. However, you may not experience the same quality of service from a non-exclusive contract.

The third option is a Mother Agency contract. This type of contract is used when an agency acknowledges that there is not enough local work for you, so they loan you out to a top modelling agency that pays them a commission on your work. This is an attractive option if the Mother Agency puts in the effort to mobilise your career and earnings.

Finding the perfect modelling agency may be daunting but is well worth the effort and time. You may initially experience some trial and error, but this is normal. The Circle Model Management is a reputable model agency based in Cape Town, South Africa, and was established in 2007. Circle Model Management represents men and women, both local and international, in the fashion and commercial markets.

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