Monday, 17 May 2021

Nando’s finally puts intensely popular Mozambican Paprika flavour on store shelves

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Nando’s finally puts intensely popular Mozambican Paprika flavour on store shelves

In June 2017, Nando’s embraced the delicious smoky flavours of Mozambican cuisine with the addition of its latest flame-grilled PERi-PERi chicken flavour, Mozambican Paprika. For almost four years now, South Africans have been left wanting more as they lick away the last remnants of sauce from their Nando’s meals, wondering why Nando’s hasn’t put this deliciousness in a bottle and sold it in stores already.

Well, we don’t need to wonder any longer as Nando’s has officially launched the Mozambican Paprika sauce, available in select supermarkets across the country since April 2021.

Vanessa Nunes, Marketing Manager Nando’s Grocery Division says, “You might think we were pulling an elaborate April Fools, but no, we couldn’t let South Africa wait any longer. Our Mozambican Paprika sauce bottles are filled with the same smoky and sweet restaurant flavour that our customers have grown to love over the years.”

For those who don’t know, Mozambican Paprika is one of Nando’s milder, and more adventurous flavours, which is described by Nando’s Head of Food, Pascale Sobiecki, as “delightfully mild and slightly smoky! A full-bodied, rich flavour blend of roasted paprika, zesty lime, a sprinkle of PERi-PERi and a fruity twist of tomatoes. It is the perfect way to add some flavour with just a hint of heat.”

Of course, this wouldn’t be a true Nando’s source if there wasn’t a hint of bird’s eye chilli in the mix.

The story goes that Sobiecki visited the PERi-PERi farms (where Nando’s beloved African bird’s eye chillies come from), but along the way she marvelled at the local produce, the cuisine and the way Mozambicans celebrate and prepare their food with love. Mozambican food has a varied, even unique, heritage that infuses African, Arab and Portuguese influences.

“But there’s a lot more to Mozambican flavours than simply the African bird’s eye chilli we love so much here at Nando’s. Garlic, lemon and lime, paprika, sweet tomatoes, parsley, onions are also loved, they too are a part of a rich culinary history for our neighbouring country. And, because a lot of Mozambican food is cooked over open fires, it is fused with a delicious smoky flavour,” says Pascale.

So that’s how Mozambican Paprika was born, and now it is available in stores across the country for only R39.99 (250g). “If you love Nando’s and want to introduce a milder flavour into your family meals, especially if you have kids, Mozambican Paprika will fast become a family favourite,” says Nunes.

On the Nando’s PERi-ometer, Mozambican Paprika is slightly hotter than Lemon and Herb (which also contains chilli, incidentally), but on par with Nando’s Mild PERi-PERi sauce. “It’s perfect for those of us who like our food on the flavourful-but-not-too-hot side, and it brings a whole new flavour dimension to the Nando’s range,” says Nunes.

Grab a bottle of Mozambican Paprika today and put the culinary depth of Mozambican flavours in true Nando’s style in the heart of your own kitchen. This sauce was made for pouring, dipping, cooking and adoring – you’ll crave it on every plate. Try it with chicken, want it with everything.