Saturday, 08 May 2021

Handbag Essentials From Le Naturel

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Handbag Essentials From Le Naturel

They say the contents of your handbag says a lot about what you value in life. Le Naturel values wellness, sustainability and products that are good for the earth and its people, and you can fit all of those values into your handbag for your everyday use.

Here are five must have handbag essentials that are created to help rejuvenate and nurture the body, skin and mind :

Lips are one of the most expressive features on the face. Keep them plump and soft all year round with our 100% natural Fynbos Lip Balm, R46.00.

For the face, hands and body, keep the skin moisturized daily. Apply a generous amount of the Natural Lotion, R184.00 on your face, hands, or body and gently massage into the skin.         

Vitamin C Serum, R242.00, is a 100% powerful blend of Rosehip, Marula and Argan oils known to have a high Vitamin C content to leave your skin feeling smooth and clear. 

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