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Attributes of a Successful Model

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Attributes of a Successful Model

There are many beautiful people in the world and nowadays, becoming a model is not just about good looks. The primary purpose of a model is to sell the client’s brand in an environment influenced by appearances. Besides looks, height and posture, a model needs to possess specific characteristics to prepare themselves for this demanding industry.

The Circle Model Management agency in Cape Town looks for models who, in addition to the above, also have the following qualities:

  • Self-confidence
  • Intelligence
  • Healthy
  • Energetic
  • Independent
  • Goal-driven
  • Efficient
  • Timeous
  • Persistent
  • Committed

Self-confidence and a “thick skin” provides a model with the mental and emotional strength that they will need to survive in the modelling industry. Clients have different expectations for their brand, and a model will in all likelihood have to face more casting rejections than successes – this is where a thick skin is needed. In addition, self-confidence allows the model to portray the client’s brand with enough assurance to persuade the customer to make a purchase – and this is what the client wants.

A model will also require a degree of intelligence to know how to manage their career and present themselves professionally at all times.

Modelling can be strenuous as well as mentally, physically and emotionally tiring. Therefore, a model must be fit and healthy. Partying, drugs and alcohol are unfortunately part of the modelling scene, and a model will need to remain drug-free if they expect an agency to continue working with them. Too much partying and alcohol also takes a toll on the body and affects work performance. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will provide the model with the energy and looks needed for each casting and job.

Adult models will need to be independent of their family and friends as they may be required to travel and be on their own for extended periods. Models need to be comfortable with their own company.

Being goal-driven will help a model set goals and not give up, regardless of the rejections that will come their way. It will also equip them to look for opportunities and, ultimately, contribute towards their success.

Efficiency and organisational skills are vital and contribute towards a model being on time for their casting or job, wherever it may take place. A constantly late model does not create a good impression and may not receive further work from their agency.

Despite the challenges that life throws, patience, persistence, and commitment are invaluable for being a successful model. Initially, there may be many opportunities but few jobs. A model needs to remain persistent and committed. The modelling industry also changes from time to time, and models need to be adaptable if they want to achieve success.

The Circle Model Management is a boutique model agency based in Cape Town, South Africa. Their client list is full of influential international brands who recognised the agency for their world-class local and international models.

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