Monday, 21 December 2020

Home is Where the Heart is with Pandora

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Home is Where the Heart is with Pandora

Pandora releases the twelfth and final of its limited edition, collectible charms in its celebration marking the 20th birthday of the iconic Pandora Moments charm bracelet.

Each month throughout this year, saw the release and relaunch of one of 12 of Pandora’s most beloved charms as part of the 2020 Limited Edition Charm series, with each becoming immediate collector’s items.

The way home In December, we release the final design: the house charm, with cut-out door and window detailing. This charm is the perfect end to the story of our 2020 Limited Edition journey: a year spent celebrating our fans collecting a lifetime of first memories to wear on their Pandora Moments charm bracelet. From the relaunch of our lucky four-leaf clover charm to our love dice charm that acts as a reminder to take a gamble on love, 2020 has been a true commemoration of our shared history with Pandora fans around the world.

The house charm serves as a treasured thank you to our collectors for always choosing us to remind them of the moments they hold dear in their hearts.Although this chapter is coming to a close, we look forward to a sparkling future with our fans.

The Pandora 2020 Limited Edition House Charm in sterling silver will be released on December 20 and will be available online and in selected stores globally, inlimited numbers. Each charm carries the Pandora 20-year hallmark* and comes with a certificate marking the celebration.

This is the final charm in the limited edition collection, so collect yours to complete your collection before they disappear.