Saturday, 05 December 2020

Spicy Fruit Rolls set to transform a South African food classic

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TropicalPunch, BerryBlast, PeachBlaze and GuavaLava chilli infused fruit rolls

Peppadogs Pepper Company is excited to announce the launch of its Chilli Infused Fruit Rolls. The first of its kind fruit roll in South Africa that not only delivers exciting fruity flavours but provides the perfect snack with a twist!

As much as braai, wine and potjiekos are South African institutions, the classic fruit roll we had in our lunch boxes as kids falls under the same national food heritage umbrella.  Peppadogs Pepper Company, which specialises in natural gourmet chilli products asked, “Can this old favourite be reinvented?”. 

Peppadogs believe that a fruit roll can be healthy and exciting at the same time. Made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives or additives.  This grownup version of the fruit roll is infused with tantalising and exotic chilli that are grown at Peppadogs and then combined with fruit flavours we all love and know. These fruit rolls satisfies the ever growing chilli loving community in South Africa, and is perfect for those that simply love a little heat in their lives! 

Four incredible flavours have been launched, TropicalPunch, BerryBlast, PeachBlaze and the daring GuavaLava chilli fruit roll which has some of the world’s hottest chilli infused into it. Some other lip-smacking flavour combinations are being developed, that will deliver an enjoyable heat and will make you come back for more. 

These delectable rolls are available online at and deliveries are made door-to-door nationwide. Get your chilli fix in time for the holidays!

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