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Thursday, 06 November 2008 16:52

Soopa! set to save SA consumers

{pp}Soopa! the pioneer in Open User Group Discount Platforms is poised to save South Africans thousands of Rand’s every month. The launch of aims to deliver instant and relevant savings to all South African consumers.

In the past only clients of high end Medical Aid providers were able to enjoy savings on goods and services. That was until the founders of Soopa! decided that all South Africans should have the opportunity to benefit from savings and superior service levels on products and services that they may not otherwise be able to afford, especially in the current market. “South Africa’s economy, like the rest of the world, is in a downward trend. As a result we find that consumers have less disposable income and are not able to spend freely on non-essential items and services,” says Grant Slabbert, founder and Managing Director of Soopa!

“We decided to step in and see what we could do, not only to help the average South African but also to make a bigger economic difference by making products and services more affordable and therefore still in demand.” Initial research showed a solid movement towards consumers signing up with Discount Platforms. In the USA alone 75% of all shoppers are aligned with one or more Loyalty Program or Discount Platform.

A discount platform is an evolution of the successful Loyalty and Added Benefit Service provided by many of South Africa’s leading businesses. Soopa! is a subscription based discount platform. By signing up at subscribers pay a monthly fee and receive instant discounts on relevant services and products from airtime to music to car purchases to flights to furniture to hair salons to spas to electronics, to highlight a few of the categories.

In addition to the savings benefits the Soopa! Koalition means that Soopa! subscribers can use their collective consumer clout to rate the services of suppliers. Grant says, “Through the Koalition we’re giving consumers a voice, South Africans have become accustomed to bad service fuelled by consumer silence.”

In the spirit of collective clout and crowdsourcing methodologies, the Soopa! Koalition blog will give subscribers a platform on which to share their opinions on the latest news and developments. Based on worldwide trends and current sign up rates in South Africa Soopa! is on the fast track to realising the target of 100 000 Koalition Members. Visit to sign up.

Contact Information:
Grant Slabbert
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