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Metropol Select

Discover modern living with hansgrohe

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” – Dr Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

Water is our greatest resource. And though it flows freely from the taps in most of our homes and places of work, it’s the one thing we can never take for granted. At hansgrohe, curbing the effects of the global water crisis has become a natural conclusion.

hansgrohe explores the subtle art of water flow, sustainability, and style that is both forward-thinking and timeless.

Select responsibility and design

hansgrohe’s award-winning design is combined seamlessly with water saving technology that enhances your life, lowers water usage and even cuts your energy costs. You can turn on the luxurious Metropol Select basin mixer with a clearer conscience, as it’s made with water saving in mind. And it all happens at the touch of a button.

The Metropol Select turns water on and off intuitively, and you can even use your forearm or elbow to start and stop the flow at will. It’s already been seen in some of the most exclusive hotels and boutique hideaways in Europe, and now the hansgrohe Metropol Select is ready to style up South African hotels and dream homes.

Metropol’s unmistakeable geometric silhouette and open curves are living European design at its finest, with elegant, expansive surfaces, precise lines and gentle, polished reflections setting off any light that touches them. Metropol Select simply pushes all the right buttons – and now, so can you.

The heart of your home

For the other special room in the house, hansgrohe’s Metris and Talis Select kitchen mixers are form and function intertwined in neatly packaged, timeless design. These premium kitchen mixers are the perfect fit for the design conscious and environmentally responsible.

Their flowing lines complement hansgrohe’s stainless steel and granite sinks with button-operated water flow. With barely a touch, water flows evenly, using hansgrohe’s EcoSmart technology to conserve without compromising on comfort.

The future of water is here

hansgrohe is redefining the way we use water in the hearts of hotels, homes and workplaces, delivering luxury at the touch of a button, all encased in sleek, sustainable design.

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