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Monday, 20 October 2008 12:20

Men dominate online lingerie sales

{pp}Online lingerie shop reports that a significant proportion of its customers are men. Online lingerie shop ThingAmaThing reports that men account for more than 50% of its lingerie orders, despite selling a product traditionally worn by women.
“Many men would like to buy lingerie, particularly as a gift. But they often feel embarrassed shopping in brick-and-mortar stores,” explains Sophie Scheidegger, owner of ThingAmaThing. “The online shopping environment offers greater privacy. Our shoppers can look through the product range carefully and make choices based on the information available without feeling embarrassed or rushed.”

So are there any differences between what men and women buy? According to ThingAmaThing, men shop quite differently to women. Men are more likely to buy both the matching bra and panty in a set, while women tend to worry less about matching. Men also tend to favour sexy styles that make good gifts and stick to well-known brands like Wonderbra. Unsurprisingly, women snap up more of the sale bargains.

It seems that the online shopping environment particularly suits men looking to buy lingerie. In addition to offering privacy, online shops also easily integrate shopping guides and sizing charts to help novice lingerie shoppers.

Another perk for men is that online shops show pictures of the lingerie being worn. Aside from their obvious attraction, pictures also serve a practical function in showing the product’s intended fit. “Products such as corsets can look limp and dull on a hanger. Pictures make these products come to life,” Sophie Scheidegger comments.

In response to having so many male shoppers, ThingAmaThing has introduced the BEAR range of underwear for men. The line includes the Boosterjock – a sort of “Male Wonderbra” that men might also be more comfortable buying in the discreet online environment.

About ThingAmaThing:
ThingAmaThing is a South African online shop selling a comprehensive
range of women’s lingerie, corsets and men’s underwear from brands
including Triumph, Playtex, Wonderbra and BEAR. ThingAmaThing is a
finalist in the Jump 2008 E-commerce Awards.

Contact Information:
Sophie Scheidegger
ThingAmaThing Lingerie
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
011 849 8738 / 078 399 4258

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