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Xylo- How to Wear and Style Your Belt Bag

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Xylo- How to Wear and Style Your Belt Bag

Cape Town, August 2020- Xylo, a proudly South African brand based in Cape Town offers genuine leather belt bags. These minimalist accessories are the ideal hands-free bags that can be paired with any outfit. With adjustable and detachable/attachable belts, Xylo has crafted the perfect belt bag for you that can be worn multiple ways with any outfit.

The XYLO belt bag is an all-purpose accessory suitable for any outfit and any occasion. These genuine leather and multi-purpose accessories can be worn across your body, around your waist, as a clutch or even hung on your shoulders. On top of that, the innovative design of the bag ensures space for your belongings such as; cellphones, keys, make-up, passports and other necessities.

With Sleek Workwear
Add another bold dimension to your sleek workwear by pairing an oversized blazer with a belt bag that can be draped effortlessly across your shoulders.

With a Modernised Trench Coat
Apart from cotton and wool, the modern trench coats of today feature futuristic fabrics and textures using PVC and vinyl. By pairing your trench with a belt bag, an extra element of texture and design elevates your overall look. Use your Xylo belt bag strap as a belt and fashion statement by wearing the bag around your waist.

With Casual Separates
For your daily errands like trips to the grocery store, outdoor walks and other activities that require a hands-free experience, try styling your casual jeans or maxi skirt, white t-shirt and sneakers with your convenient Xylo bag. This look will look stylish and effortless for your day-to-day tasks. 

About Xylo
XYLO offers the modern fashionista genuine leather bags, specialising in belt bags. This practical, minimal and adjustable bag offers stylish versatility to all women in three shades- metallic, tan and black with more colours to be released in the future. 

For added benefits, the XYLO belt bag offers much-needed peace of mind security mechanism. Strong YKK zips are imported from Swaziland for a multi-wear function that allows you to attach your zip to the snap hook, preventing the bag from being easily opened while you are wearing it.