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Wednesday, 24 June 2020 10:15

#YoungAmbitiousFemale Lifestyle SMME Bathing Babe Celebrates Surviving Lockdown With A Rebrand

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#YoungAmbitiousFemale Lifestyle SMME Bathing Babe Celebrates Surviving Lockdown With A Rebrand

Wynberg, Cape Town - While the lockdown has been a period of great disruption and interruption, Bathing Babe has stayed positive and used the downtime for reflection and to be forward-looking.

Although the young brand has been facing remarkable financial complexity, due to the pandemic restrictions, with financial help from government’s NYDA, the brand has been given a new lease on life and they’re not wasting it.

“We come out of this timeout with a clearer, cleaner, revitalised vision for the brand.”, said Babalwa Magalela, the director at Bathing Babe.

Bathing Babe unveils the refreshed brand identity from Monday, 29 June 2020, with several posts across all of their social media platforms. The new logo and new tone of the brand, is to celebrate the company’s evolution from being a swimwear only label, into being an fully-fledged lifestyle brand. The rebranding includes a top-to-bottom redesign of the company logo, graphics, communications and correspondence. The new brand assets include a simplified, black-and-red logo, along with their golden emblem. These new designs are aesthetically pleasing on garments and make the brand recognisable.

According to the CEO, the rebrand has also given a platform to evolve Bathing Babe’s service offerings, to be a true full-service brand, provider of high-quality apparel that complements a specific #YoungAmbitiousFemale lifestyle. 

The best way to demonstrate the new Bathing Babe, is to experience the brand via their social media platforms. The brand’s new Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages also feature its latest rebrand styles and those interested in finding out about all the latest clothing releases should follow them today Instagram: @bathingbabeza, Facebook: @bathingbabeza, Twitter: @bathingbabeza

About Bathing Babe

Bathing Babe designs and sells apparel that is essential and complements the lifestyle of the #YoungAmbitiousFemale.Based in Wynberg, Cape Town. Bathing Babe was founded in 2018 by Babalwa Magalela. She began selling exclusively swimwear via her WhatsApp. After designing and manufacturing the merchandise, photographing the pieces, and sorting out delivery; she built her own website and began marketing her swimsuit line.

Contact info
Babalwa Magalela

Organization: Bathing Babe
Tel: +27719559981

We're a South African, privately owned lifestyle company. We design and sell clothing items that are essential and complements the #YoungAmbitiousFemale lifestyle.

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