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Tuesday, 16 June 2020 12:47

Choosing a Coffee Machine Just Got Easier

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The new Vicenza F11 Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

It's that drink that gets you going, keeps you going, increases your social interaction and offers an array of health benefits (and its fair share of health debates too). It's Coffee! During the Covid-19 lockdown, coffee shop closures deprived hundreds of thousands of South African coffee lovers from enjoying their store bought cappuccino, latte, espresso or any other of those barista produced wonder drinks.

Ony those with expensive automatic espresso machines could still enjoy cappuccino or latte drinks made from coffee beans ground at the touch of a single button. Well that's all changing now that Frontier Coffee has been awarded exclusive distribution rights for the Dr Coffee Vicenza F11 automatic coffee machine in South Africa.

This well priced automatic bean to cup coffee machine joins traditional brands such as WMF, Shaerer, Jura and the like in bringing you touch screen technology, ceramic grinder blades and a cappucinatore (read milk frother) that can produce a range of hot milk and fine milk foams needed for a latte. "It produces incredible espresso coffee and is fully programmable to your tastes" says Steve Giddings, owner of Frontier Coffee. With over 17 years of selling and renting coffee machines in South Africa, Frontier Coffee has learned to understand that what the South African consumer looks for is, "value".

"For that reason we have partnered with a number of international manufacturers to introduce a range of coffee machines that match the best, but at prices that are more affordable" he said. Over the past year, the company has been installing these coffee machines in high usage corporate offices to assess their durability and market acceptance. "Their reliability" says Giddings "is the hallmark of their true value because people often think a machine that is 20-30% less expensive than others in the market must be of cheaper quality and give more problems". That is definitely not the case with these Italian designed machines, which also received design inputs from an ex-BMW engineer. In 2018 they were awarded a Red Dot Design Award which is testament to their elegant look.

The Vicenza F11 range is suited to entertainer areas in homes and any commercial business requiring a coffee machine that must make coffee that matches the quality of the coffee shop and its traditional espresso machine and barista. "The real magic of automatic coffee machines is that they produce the same quality cup of coffee time after time at the push of a button, and so they are not subject to a poor barista who varies the quantity of coffee or tamping pressure which so often results in consumers getting a great coffee one day and a watery slop the next" says Giddings.

The company stands by the quality of the equipment and offers prospective buyers a free demo to examine the machine, change the drink settings to their taste and to try out the coffee range. With over 20 coffee selections to choose from, there is now a coffee for you in an affordable coffee machine.

The choice of a machine that will make your morning's brighter and your staff and clients happier, just got easier to make  ... and a whole lot more affordable.


Contact Details

Steve Giddings and a friend started this company out of a garage in 2003 and the company now employs over 40 staff that are all focused on providing life support to office staff. The company website offers more information about coffee machines at and they can be contacted on 086 110 5949 to arrange a demo or to get more information. 


Frontier Coffee

Frontier Coffee sells and rents coffee machines and coffee vending machines to homes and offices. Services include consumable supply and delivery, maintenance and even onsite staff to run large corporate beverage services. Clients include Barloworld, Netcare, Sun International, FNB and many others.

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