19 September 2016

2 Right Shades of Blonde to Choose this Spring

Submitted by Traffic Fundi
2 Right Shades of Blonde to Choose this Spring

By Martha Chauke

Are you getting a vibrant spring hair makeover? What better way to make a timeless style statement this season than with gorgeous golden tresses? Yes, blonde hair has been a symbol of beauty for decades. Going back to the days of Marilyn Monroe and every girl child’s favourite doll Barbie. It comes as no surprise that only 2% of women are born with natural blonde hair when so many want it in every shade possible. Blonde hair will never go out of style! With over 50 shades of blonde to choose from, it must be a nightmare to pick one. So, how do you choose the right shade of blonde to rock this spring? Let’s explore 2 of the hottest hues of blonde in 2016 and help you choose the right one for you!  

Platinum Blonde:

It’s a clear pale shade of blonde and also the lightest shade in the blonde spectrum. It is a truly multi-dimensional colour and requires more maintenance. If you have bright eyes like green or blue, blonde will look more natural on you. The lighter your colour eye, the brighter your hair can be and if you have cool skin undertones too. Hairinspo: Model Poppy Delevingne rocks a Swedish white blonde. If you need more inspo search for #platinumblonde on Instagram and you’ll be spoilt for choice.

TIP: Ask your hairstylist about the revolutionary game-changer in the haircare industry called OLAPLEX treatment on your next salon visit. This wonder product will help you go to any shade of blonde without the damage. It’s important to note that OLAPLEX is not a hair colouring agent, it is a revolutionary hair-reparative agent that repairs your hair bonds as they are broken down during chemical services. Simply put, it will protect your hair during colour services. What it doesn’t do is actually colour your hair! To be honest, you would be gambling with your hair if you went any shade of blonde without it. It’s hair insurance every woman deserves this season!

Strawberry Blonde:

Celebrities love this shade of blonde and you should too! Perfect if you want to create your own ombre effect. If you are naturally blonde and want to go red, this chic strawberry blonde shade is right for you. Hairinspo: Actress Nicole Kidman rocks the warm reddish blonde hue flawlessly. You’d like to prevent your golden-reddish tint from going brassy by using colour care treatment weekly. Hairhouse Warehouse has an extensive range of salon-grade hair colour products at affordable prices to choose from.

With the right attitude, hair colourist, hair care products and fashion statement - you can turn heads everywhere you go this spring. Join the trendiest hair colour community this season and rock these super-awesome shades of blonde like never before.

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