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Monday, 23 March 2020 15:54

Go Greener, Go More Sustainable!

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Go Greener, Go More Sustainable!

Hansgrohe throws down the gauntlet  

Hansgrohe has hit 2020 with a very clear, very Green mission: to become Sustainable by Design as EcoWarriors of the world. This means hitting sustainability targets across the board, in factories and offices the world over, while still producing products of the highest standard.  “We understand sustainability to mean dealing responsibly with people and resources. Since we were founded in 1901 in Schiltach, right in the heart of the Black Forest, we have been working and acting in harmony with the environment. Our business activities have always obliged us to be mindful, and to save and preserve resources. And this is how we act — out of a sense of conviction,” says Hans Jürgen Kalmbach, Chairman of the Executive Board. But Hansgrohe are now looking to challenge other companies to employ the same practices in their own buildings.  

A carbon-free future 

Net zero buildings look to be a major part of the future, as companies look to meet international requirements and achieve carbon-free status in the next thirty years. This means reducing emissions, employing energy-saving tactics and integrating new technologies into their properties.  The suitable use of energy sources, savings in energy consumption and efficient production are central goals for the Hansgrohe Group worldwide. The energy data recording systems they have in place are consistently analysed and utilised to further reduce their impact. This is achieved via technical precautionary measures, organisational changes and specific employee training. All of which are then further verified and evaluated.  Amongst the implementations made to reduce emissions you will find a smart model assembly line in the factory in Germany; compacted areas designed to maximise effectiveness and minimise waste, while fitting in the building in a space-conscious manner. In France, the implementation of LED lights has reduced electricity consumption by 20% in a factory near Strasbourg. They also added modern air compressor to further reduce energy use.  In the Shanghai factory in China, Hansgrohe looked to reduce the impact of metal-casting by installing a modern cooling tower which can be switched off in winter. During the cold months, the heat from the metal-casting is used to heat the building. 

No More Waste 

As a company which delivers more than 23 000 metric tons of products a year, Hansgrohe naturally incurs a lot of waste at its factories. Given that they predominantly use metals and plastics in their production, such as brass for faucets and plastic for showers, Hansgrohe attaches great importance to the use of renewable materials in their product packaging.  As such, they have initiated projects to use recycled materials to create new products, to curb wastage on brass usage on certain parts and reworked logistics to cut out unnecessary processes.  

In Partnership 

Hansgrohe have also partnered up with certain like-minded companies, like Paragon Group, and architecture firm from Johannesburg. Hansgrohe and Paragon have joined forces on a number of projects over the years, both fulfilling environmental obligations to create buildings of incredible scope and ecological harmony. These include the Park Central Apartments in Rosebank, the Portswood Ridge office building in Cape Town, 144 Oxford Road in Rosebank and Sasol’s global Headquarters in Johannesburg. The last two are 5-star Green star rated buildings.  

Your Turn 

With all of these projects in place to be Sustainable by Design, Hansgrohe now challenges other corporates and companies to adopt similar practices in going Green and helping achieve net zero in the long run.  

Why? Because now is the time of the EcoWarriors.

hansgrohe. Sustainable by Design. 

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