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Tuesday, 18 February 2020 10:08

Falke launches their AW20 Fashion Collection

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Falke launches their AW20 Fashion Collection

Innovative sock specialists since 1895, FALKE introduces their latest autumn/winter 2020 range. Locally designed and manufactured, this season’s sock collection draws inspiration from the ‘80s, a decade of big and bright. A modern but nostalgic mood is present in the textures and textiles of the fabric and ultimately the aesthetic design of this season's sock collection. 

Harmony is celebrated throughout this year's autumn/winter range. Dark sophisticated colours, with warm palettes, have been carefully selected and illustrated in the new range. With a focus on a balance in our moods, behaviour and overall health.

 Mysterious, tactile, embracing, natural and harmonious colours are five key elements boasted in the autumn/winter 2020 collection, paying close attention to upholding the Falke standard of quality and luxury. What keeps this season's collection particularly aligned to the brand’s future-focused inspiration is the use of Mercerised cotton, Tencel, textured yarns and colourful effects of naturally dyed yarn to ultimately complete the collection. 

The Falke fashion collection features refined, luxurious, imported fibers, which are beautifully engineered for the perfect fit and comfortable wear- due to the use of soft, skin-friendly combed cotton. Falke socks are purpose-designed and refined for ultimate confidence in the demanding climate and lifestyles of Southern Africa.

This season's sophisticated collection will have women and men looking forward to a collection of enigmatic shades of Burgundy, Sahara, Dark Spruce Green, Glazed Ginger, Magenta, and Blue Depth. 

The latest FALKE AW20 sock ranges are available online at all the latest news and promotions,  follow FALKE on:Twitter: @FalkeSAInstagram: @falkefashion_sa Facebook: FalkeSA 

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