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Tuesday, 12 November 2019 13:48

A Game Changer in the Online Shopping Industry

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Crate|Ov Clothes South Africa

As South Africans, we take our fashion seriously! We’ve been known to always have our finger on the latest fashion trends. Whether it be inspirational local fashion pieces from our home-grown designers or some of the more famous international brands. This is among the many reasons why the popularity of online clothing shopping in South Africa has majorly increased over the last few years.

There’s nothing easier than buying and checking out fashion online, all from the comfort of your own home! And with plenty of online clothing stores for you to get your fashion fix, there’s hardly any reason to go shopping at the malls anymore.

We’ve recently discovered a platform that takes buying clothes online to a whole new level. It’s online shopping like you’ve never seen it before.

Crate|Ov Clothes is South Africa’s first ever online ‘try before you buy’ clothing platform, exclusively for men.

It has been developed by men, for men. Our purpose is to incorporate the latest fashion trends with the convenience of online shopping. Whether you’re a board meeting kind of guy or an artistic individual, our fashion experts will have you looking your best, any day of the week.

Here’s what you get with your FREE sign up:

  1. A crate filled with various clothing and accessory items
  2. The chance to try on every item in the comfort of your own home
  3. Keep what you like, return the rest
  4. Zero delivery or return fees
  5. Only get charged for what you keep

How it works:

Once you’ve registered on our site, you will need to complete a style quiz. This will let us know what styles and colours you prefer, what your sizes are, your budget and what kind of looks you’re just not that in to. You will also need to set a delivery date for your crate that’s convenient for you.

Once that’s all set up, you will be assigned a professional, personal stylist who will fill the crate with awesome stuff based on your style profile. The best part is, you will be able to chat to your stylist on WhatsApp or Messenger if ever you need some style tips or advice.

The courier will deliver your crate to your door. The cost is on us. You have 7 days to try the items on, change your mind a few times and then decide what you’re keeping and what you’re returning. The courier will then fetch the crate with the returned items. You will need to fill in a short feedback form to let us know what you liked and what you didn’t, mainly so that we can up our game when packing your next crate. Only then will you be charged for the items you’ve kept.

No busy shopping malls, no long queues, no tiny fitting rooms. How cool does that sound?

Visit our website today to register:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 0114654750

Crate|Ov Clothes

Crate|Ov Clothes is South Africa’s first-ever online ‘try before you buy’ clothing platform, exclusively for men.

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