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Wednesday, 17 July 2019 15:44

Feast on a French Taco

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Chicken French Taco

Meet the French Taco, Sandwich Baron’s new delicious offering that is leaving mouths salivating. 

Filled with a choice of steak, mince or chicken, the French Taco is Sandwich Baron’s take on the traditional taco. A tortilla wrap grilled to perfection filled with meat, chips and topped with Sandwich Baron’s magical cheese sauce.  

The French Taco is Sandwich Baron’s first venture into the taco market, founder and CEO Sally J’Arlette-Joy says it has inspired a host of other delectable ideas.

“We have been really impressed by our customers’ response. It’s always satisfying to see people enjoying a product that you have created. It lets you know that you were able to convert that brilliant idea into something worthwhile. We were able to take elements of Europe’s successful French Taco and make it specific to South African’s taste buds,” J’Arlette-Joy says.

Catapulting the success of the French Taco, Sandwich Baron is running a special throughout the month of July, with patrons only expected to pay R30 on Mondays for any of its French Tacos. Based on the popularity of both the French Taco and July’s Monday special, over 1000 French Tacos have been sold during the special.  The French Taco has added to the vast offerings Sandwich Baron has, which also includes breakfast, banting friendly options and an impressive platter proffering.  

Sandwich Baron was started in Alberton in 1996 by J’Arlette-Joy. After selling her successful restaurant the intention was to have just a small sandwich takeaway shop. However, due to the demand of the product her hope of a national franchise was realised. J’Arlette-Joy’s hands-on involvement from the beginning ensured that all the pitfalls normally associated with starting a new business were eliminated in this franchising development. Through J’Arlette-Joy’s leadership and vision, Sandwich Baron has grown to be the biggest player in the sandwich business.

“Our proven secret recipes result in undeniably delicious food that keeps our customers coming back for more. We are also not afraid to challenge ourselves and the taste buds of our customers. Because our food is freshly made to order we can guarantee we produce quality meals that cater to the dynamically sophisticated South African palate. We love what we do here and you can taste in the food we produce,” concludes J’Arlette-Joy.  

So why not head down to your nearest Sandwich Baron, or call them up for a delivery, and try the delicious new French Taco today – we have a feeling it’ll be the best decision you’ll make today.

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