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Another successful KAP SANI2C and Hansgrohe is thrilled to have been a sponsor and partner

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Another successful KAP SANI2C and Hansgrohe is thrilled to have been a sponsor and partner

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL KAP SANI2C and Hansgrohe is thrilled to have been a sponsor and partner While this isn’t Hansgrohe’s first foray into the world of cycling, this year’s KAP sani2C was a special one for the global manufacturer of sanitary fittings. This year saw the 15th annual race from Himeville to Scottburgh, with hundreds of entrees competing for the thrill of the race, personal bests and, of course, a podium finish.

The History The KAP sani2c began as nothing more than a dream, shared by avid mountain biker Farmer Glen and his wife Mandy. It took nearly seven years of pioneer-style mountain biking through multiple routes in the KwaZulu-Natal wilderness before Glen finally decided he had found the perfect trail. Now in its 15th year, the KAP sani2c trail has grown, changed and evolved; each year becoming a little bit more exciting, a little bit more refined and a little bit more adventurous.

The race is spread over three days and 265 kilometres of incredible views, difficult climbs and enthralling downhills. The Race The riders begin the main part of the KAP sani2c on Day 1, as they travel 82kms to the MacKenzie Country Club in Ixopo. Day 2 sees them travel 97kms to Jolivet, just south of Highflats. On the third and final day riders will make their way over 86kms to finish at Scottburgh Golf Club in Scottburgh on the South Coast.

The Mission The inaugural race was held in 2005, under a very specific mission statement. Firstly, to responsibly organise a multi-day event which would attract both local and international interest. Secondly, to promote employment through tourism and conservation efforts which utilise local organisations. Finally, the event strives to educate, upskill and develop innovative ways to create opportunities for previously unemployed local residents along the way.

The Reality In 2005, the KAP sani2c aimed to raise funds for Lynford, a small school in Ixopo. As of 2019, the KAP sani2c benefits 13 communities and 23 schools, charities and environmental groups. KwaZulu-Natal Tourism believes that the KAP sani2c generates over R50 million for the region, and a further R9 million for the country through international competitors.

Even more impressive is that the building of permanent race villages has created jobs in areas where employment is sorely needed. The Sponsor Hansgrohe, of course, is no stranger to cycling with its name being well-known as part of the BORA-Hansgrohe team which recently saw lead rider Peter Sagan take the 2018 Tour de France title.

As the local chapter of the global brand, Hansgrohe ZA is thrilled to have partnered and sponsored one of the most popular cycling races in South Africa. The Result Hailed as one of the most exciting routes in the South African riding calendar, 2019 was no exception. PYGA Euro Steel duo Matthys Beukes and Phil Buys took the title in the men’s category, while dormakaba’s Sam Sanders and Robyn de Groot did the same in the women’s category. As a wonderful addition, 84-year-old Arthur Duncan finished the race with his 18-year-old grandson Keira Duncan. The KAP sani2c is clearly a race by the people; for the people.

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